Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande's fans furious with Mannara Chopra

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 17 Update: Bigg Boss 17 has been witnessing a fight and debate between Mannara Chopra and Ankita Lokhande. At the same time, on the weekend, Salman Khan also asked Mannara Chopra for her negative tone, due to which she was also seen being emotional. But now her recent conversation with Anurag Doval about Ankita Lokhande has increased the anger of the fans, due to which she has become the subject of discussion on social media.

A Twitter user has shared a video of Bigg Boss 17's live feed, in which Mannara Chopra is seen talking to Anurag Doval about Ankita Lokhande. Its caption read, "Enemy? Really Mannara Chopra? What did Ankita Lokhande do to you that she became your enemy? Earlier, she kept instigating against Khanzadi to Anurag Doval and now she is unable to digest his growing relationship with Ankita. He did the same with Sana, Munawwar, Abhishek and Esha.

Enemies? Seriously #MannaraChopra? What has #AnkitaLokhande done to you to become your ENEMY? First she used to fuel against #KhanZaadi to #AnuragDobhal & now she cannot digest his growing bond with Ankita. She did the same with Sana, Munawar, Abhishek & Isha.

— LilBitNuts (@LilBitNutx) November 29, 2023

Let me tell you, Anurag Doval remains the subject of discussion on social media these days because the mention of Bro Army, which has been going on since his beginning, does not seem to be liked by the audience.