Doctors in Plovdiv saved from amputation the leg of a 63-year-old man with a malignant tumor of the lower leg. To keep walking, the patient now has an artificial joint, created specifically for him on a 3D printer.

Dimitar Mishev was diagnosed with malignancy of the left leg.

"With a lot of pain in the knee joint with a lot of pain. I wasn't okay. I was definitely not well. As long as there is a chance, everything should be tried," Dimitar told BTV.

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The team of Professor Vladimir Stavrev saved the patient's limb by placing a knee joint made specifically for Dimitar:

"It is an individual prosthesis exactly made for this patient," explained Dr. Dimitrios Maroulas, an orthopedic traumatologist.

"The point of this operation is to restore the patient's previous quality of life," he added. Vladimir Stavrev, national consultant in orthopedics and traumatology.

"The first job when he finishes such an operation is to get the patient to lift his foot. If he manages to do it, which in this case is the case, then the nerves are also preserved, "said the manager of the hospital Dr. Svilen Popov.

"First of all, thank you! And secondly, to pass on what they know to the young. To have more young doctors like them, "said Dimitar.

Individual 3D becomes not yet covered by the Health Insurance Fund. Dimitar, in order to keep his leg, had to pay nearly 35,000 leva.

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