Iraqis, Lebanese, Syrians and Yemenis were those who were inadvertently or deliberately dropped from this deal, in which Iran and not Hamas released a group of Israeli women and children hostages in exchange for a small number of Palestinian women and children detained in Israeli prisons.

In 2014, an Iranian official said that his country is tightening its grip on four Arab capitals, referring to Beirut, Baghdad, Damascus and Sana'a, this reference did not come from a vacuum, but from the fact that Iran already controls through its arms the policies of Arab countries, the situation cannot be separated from the issue of hostages, whether they are Palestinians or Israelis, these peoples were also supposed to be included in the hostage deal, the issue seems deep moral and political that cannot be separated from negotiations in their content did not come It is an emergency, but it extends through the US negotiations with the Iranians on the nuclear deal.

Americans have always talked about the need for the Iranian nuclear deal concluded by the administration of President Barack Obama in 2015 and withdrawn by President Donald Trump and then President Joe Biden re-expanded negotiations that include Iran's missile program and influence in the Arab region, what Iranian policies produced in Iraqis, Lebanese, Syrians and Yemenis was much greater than dropping the nuclear bomb on Japan in World War II, millions of homeless, poor and destitute even from the future. This deal will save them, especially since international and regional political decision-making circles have talked about the need to resolve Middle East issues after the Hamas attack on Israel.

These peoples are subject to intellectual and political terrorism that the world has not known after the second half of the twentieth century, the Inquisition is everywhere, even in the worlds of virtual space, where thousands of fanatical stalkers are scattered who suppress every opinion that rejects the reality of what was imposed by the Iranian proxies, and these peoples are infected with another frustration after the deal to release hostages and prisoners between Israel and Hamas to spare them from it, it was a favorable opportunity for the international community to pressure Iran so that it may release four capitals that are still In the depths of prisons and out of their Arab national context.

Why didn't we include the hostage deal? This question needs a courageous and honest answer by the international community, which claims to care about peace and justice in the Middle East, the suffering of the Arab peoples living under the influence of Iran and its proxies cannot be ignored, and silence about its crimes and violations of human rights and international law cannot be justified, the hostage deal cannot be just a political play to polish the image of Iran, Hamas and Israel, it must be an opportunity to end the conflict, occupation, tyranny, poverty, ignorance and backwardness in the region, it cannot be a deal The hostage deal cannot be just the end of a round of violence, it must be the beginning of an era of peace.

The right to self-determination necessarily requires a review of the reality of Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria, and we must also look with interest to what has torn the national fabric in Sudan and Libya, and with the overwhelming sense of disappointment, it is important to move internationally to support the axis of moderation in the Middle East, assigning the Emirati and Egyptian role to help the peoples mired in chaos will undoubtedly contribute to reviving hopes and the trend towards stability, development and flowers, and here it must be recalled that the opportunity and that it passed in the hostage exchange deal after The bloody Gaza war, peace is possible, and the people imprisoned in Iran's great prison are looking forward as the Iranian people are for a grand bargain that ends suffering and misery, and the question remains why we were not included in the hostage deal?