DAR ES SALAAM: Three hospitals (Temeke, Mwananyamala and Amana) have received four ambulances that will be a mobile intensive care unit to help the public get all services from one station to another.

This happened on November 28, 2023 when Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila handed over the ambulances to the Amana Regional Referral Hospital.

Chalamila said that after a long outcry from hospital staff over the lack of access to the vehicles and the lack of need for patients, President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan has decided to provide the vehicles which will be a continuation of other sectors including the handover of police vehicles.

"There were many complaints from our doctors, that the equipment of the cars one has is not enough but two are in a scrap condition, President Samia after hearing the cries has decided to bring in cars and will continue to bring other vehicles and the following week he will hand over many vehicles to the police sector," Chalamila said.

For his part, Dr. Bryceson L. Kiwelu Mfawidhi Mfawidhi Regional Referral Hospital said that despite three (3) vehicles, there is one vehicle for the operation and management of the Amana hospital.

Temeke District Commissioner Sixtus Mapunda thanked President Dr. Samia for improving the railway service and speed that will enable patients to pass without problem.