Hair Fall Home Remedies: Some effective home remedies to prevent hair loss.

Hair fall: Hair loss or hair breakage is a problem that many people have to suffer. The effect of changing the weather also has more on the hair than necessary. The dry air of the winter season makes the scalp dry, which does not leave moisture in the hair and causes hair damage. Due to dry scalp, hair starts to break and fall, become thin and dandruff also occurs. In such a situation, some home remedies show a good effect in reducing the problem of hair loss. Know which tips can be used to prevent hair loss.

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Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss | Hair Fall Control Home Remedies

Egg Hair Mask

To give plenty of nutrition and protein to the hair, egg hair mask can be made and applied once every 15 days. To make an egg hair mask, take a spoonful of yogurt and add egg to it. After mixing well, wash this hair mask after keeping it on the hair for half an hour. Hair loss starts decreasing.

Curry leaves will come in handy

Curry leaves give not one but many benefits to the hair. They reduce hair breakage, improve hair growth and do not turn white before time. Curry leaves can also be applied by making a hair mask and making oil from it. To make a hair mask, grind a bowl of curry leaves and apply it on the hair and wash the head after 20 to 30 minutes. Another way to use curry leaves is to put curry leaves in half a bowl of coconut oil and when the leaves are cooked and black, remove the oil from the flame. Massaging the head twice a week with this oil of curry leaves stops hair loss and hair starts growing.

Onion juice

Using onion juice once a week proves to be good for hair. Peel and grate the onion and squeeze it and extract the onion juice in the bowl. Apply this juice from the roots to the ends of the head and wash the head after half an hour. Onion oil can be made by cooking onion juice with coconut oil and this oil shows good effect in preventing hair loss.

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