Most people shower or wash their face every night before going to bed, and some even change their pajamas every day or every other day. However, we don't change bed linen that often. About how to wash bed linen so that it always remains clean, tells E

Sheets may not always look dirty, but that doesn't mean they don't have bacteria lurking on them. In fact, studies have proven that the bacteria that cause pneumonia begin to grow in your bed within seven days if it is not washed properly.

Many people wash sheets and towels at lower temperatures on an economical wash cycle. Of course, this way you save energy and help the environment, but such washing does not destroy bacteria.

Hot washing at 60°C is the ideal temperature because it kills bacteria, germs, and fungi that accumulate on the sheets. If you wash your bedding at a higher temperature, you won't have to wash it often.

When washed at a lower temperature, some bacteria will remain on the laundry. This means that the smell of freshness will disappear faster.