The mother owed about $3 million to the finance company and was unable to repay the debt, and it was suspected that she and her husband had twice burned charcoal at home and wanted to die with their two sons aged 6 and 2, but they were unsuccessful. The couple were later charged with child abuse, and they denied the charges, and the trial commenced in the District Court today (28th). It was revealed in court that after her arrest, her mother had said that she felt pressure due to her debts and had said that she wanted to "hold him and die together." But she also said that she had given up her thoughts after burning charcoal for the third time, and thought that her husband would not let her go such a path; The husband said that he was only pretending to cooperate with his wife, and he was sure that he could extinguish the charcoal.

The female defendant, C.Y.S. (35), and the male defendant, W.Y.C. (40), were charged with wilfully abusing or neglecting 2021-year-old boy X and 11-year-old boy Y at a flat in Hong Kong on November 4 and 5, 6, causing them unnecessary suffering or damage.

The female defendant, C.Y.S., and the male defendant, W.Y.C., were charged with child abuse for attempting to burn charcoal at home and die with their two sons.

The female defendant claimed to have paid the renovation costs to the point of being in debt

According to the prosecution plan, the female defendant purchased the unit involved in the case in 2019 and borrowed tens of thousands of yuan from her father to pay the down payment. In July 2021, the two defendants and their families began to receive phone calls and text messages from the finance company, alleging that the female defendant had not repaid her debts, and the female defendant later borrowed $7,30 from her father, claiming that she could pay off the debts. She later revealed at a warning interview that she was heavily indebted and stressed in order to pay for the renovation of her flat.

The female defendant had asked the maid to buy charcoal, saying that she was going to barbecue

In early November 2021, the female defendant instructed her maid to buy charcoal and go home, claiming that she intended to barbecue. On the 11th of the same month, the father of the female defendant again received a text message from the finance company, so he went to his daughter to find out the situation, and the three younger sisters of the female defendant also went to his home, and one of them called the police because he was worried that the female defendant would be harassed by the debt company.

Police officers arrived at the scene and smelled the smell of charcoal

When the police arrived at the scene, they vaguely smelled the smell of burning and arrested two defendants, of whom the female defendant admonished: "Because of the lack of money, the pressure is so great, I want to hold him and die together." The male defendant said, "I pretended to promise my wife to burn charcoal, and I was sure that I would extinguish the charcoal fire." Their two sons, X and Y, were later taken to the hospital for examination and found no abnormalities.

The female defendant was found in the house with a handwritten suicide note

The police searched the house and seized a suicide note written by the female defendant, which stated: "One wrong step and one wrong step, embarking on the road of borrowing, can no longer be sustained, and its existence will only be a scourge, affecting parents, husband and children..." There is also a list of arrears, showing that the female defendant owes a total of $29 million to 300 finance companies.

The first time you burn charcoal, you are afraid that the fire will be extinguished

During the video interview, the female defendant revealed that she had told the male defendant on November 11 that she wanted to seek death. She slept in the master room with her two children at night, closed the windows and doors, turned on the air conditioner, and tried to burn charcoal. Later, when she smelled the smell of charcoal and the presence of fire, she was worried that it would cause a candle, so the male defendant extinguished the fire.

The second time the charcoal youngest son Y coughed

Later, the female defendant alleged that there was still a small bag of charcoal in her home, and the male defendant was "rectified". The male defendant then carried the burning charcoal to the bedroom and Y coughed. Seeing this, the female defendant asked the male defendant to take Y outside the room, and after the charcoal was burned, he moved to the bathroom to rinse it out;

The eldest son of the third charcoal burner called it smelly

The next morning, the female defendant asked the maid to buy charcoal again and told her to sit in the park until noon before returning. The female defendant put the burning charcoal at the door of the bedroom, and X, who had been sleeping, immediately got up and said "it stinks". The female defendant explained that there were rats in the house and that she needed to order something to drive them away, and immediately asked the male defendant to extinguish the charcoal fire.

The female defendant said that Juefu would not let her go such a path

The female defendant said that she had dismissed her suicidal intentions at this time, and she also noticed whether her two sons were unwell and kept letting them drink water. The female defendant also claimed that she had no intention of dying with her two sons and believed that the male defendant would not let her "walk such a path".

The male defendant claimed that he was only pretending to cooperate with his wife

In the video interview, the male defendant admitted that he had burned charcoal with the female defendant three times. The first time he burned charcoal, he woke up the female defendant 10 minutes later, because he knew that the female defendant did not want to cause a fire and that he did not want the child and his wife to have trouble. He also said that he was just pretending to cooperate with his wife; As for the second charcoal burning, the male defendant said that he deliberately woke up Y and then told the female defendant that Y was very hard.

Case No.: DCCC 129/2023

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