GEITA: The Budoda dispensary project in Mbogwe district was stalled for 18 years now going to completion after the government allocated more than Sh50 million.

Speaking at a public meeting to hear and resolve the challenges of the people on behalf of the Mbogwe District Commissioner, the district's Administrative Secretary, Jacob Julius (JAJU) assured the people of the village that the dispensary has been budgeted for this fiscal year 2023.

Jacob assured the people of the good intentions of the President, Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan, to provide development for Tanzanians equally without discrimination.

"Our District Commissioner Sakina on Tuesday is the chief administrator of our District, responsible for ensuring President Samia's goodwill is achieved so that the public do not doubt that this dispensary matter will now be resolved," Jacob said.

The council's director, Saada Mwaruka, told the public that he had already incorporated the dispensary into the Mbogwe Council's priorities plan for the 2023/2024 financial year, which has allocated more than Sh50 million to complete and start service.

He also urged the people to have confidence in the leaders of Mbogwe District who represent President Samia and that in any way the dispensary that has been waiting for more than 18 years will now be resolved with a concerted push.