Due to a programming error, four new radars recorded thousands of violations, so much so that the police in the western canton of Bern were suspicious.

"In total, 9604,12 erroneous observations of irregularities were recorded between September 2023, 19 and October 2023, 6. All concerned will receive a letter in the coming days and the money paid will be returned as part of about <>,<> fines paid," he said, without specifying the amounts unlawfully earned.

Police officers observed a higher-than-average number of violations of the speed limit at the four faulty radar sites, with an increasing number of people complaining of wrongful irregularities.

Therefore, the authorities again called on the Federal Institute of Metrology, which ratified the first calibration, to carry out checks, which concluded that the measured speed was too high.

"These four devices are the only ones used in Switzerland with this calibration, and therefore the only ones involved in this error," police said.