The boom in Hong Kong people heading north continued, with about 33,7 people heading north through land boundary crossings over the past weekend, a record high this month. LegCo Wholesale and Retail Member Shao Ka-fai pointed out that the current trend is that the number of people going north is more than the number of people going south, but Hong Kong still has the advantage of tax amounts, and the goods sold are also a guarantee of confidence for mainland tourists. He suggested that the government should reflect to the central government that the policy of "one trip a week" for Shenzhen residents should be relaxed to facilitate tourists from the Greater Bay Area to come to Hong Kong, and that more large-scale events should be held and the government should take the lead in developing the "concert economy" and island entertainment.

▼On November 11, Hong Kong citizens went north to play side stoves▼

Shao Jiahui said that Hong Kong people go north to spend on weekends, which has a certain impact on Hong Kong's business, but retail data shows that the current market has recovered more than 2018% of <>. He pointed out that Hong Kong has always had the attraction of duty-free, with certain advantages in price, concentration of all good international products, and safety and quality have always been important indicators to attract mainland tourists. However, due to the high rent and lack of manpower in Hong Kong, the cost of living is difficult, and it is necessary to replenish manpower as soon as possible to improve the quality of services.

Shao Ka-fai: There are 7 million people in the Greater Bay Area who can travel south

He said that there are 700 million people in Hong Kong, and a large number of tourists come from the north, but there are also 7 million people in the Greater Bay Area who can travel south. In 000, Shenzhen adjusted the "multiple visas" for residents with household registration to "one travel per week", and Shao Ka-fai believes that in order to facilitate the travel of mainland tourists, Hong Kong should respond to the central government to reply to the "multiple visas" and open up more cities for individual travel.

The Government has earlier launched the "Hong Kong Night Fun" to promote Hong Kong's nightlife. Mr Shaw said that the participating businesses said that they had generated more revenue than originally expected, and that the night fun activities in the past few months were a good example, and the government's planning for the waterfront promenade has changed, and it is believed that adopting different new models along the way can make local residents or tourists feel fresh and attractive. He hopes that the government can organise more large-scale events, such as the previous Hong Kong Wine and Dine Parade, which was crowded with people and promoted in the Mainland.

LegCo (Wholesale and Retail) Member Shiu Ka-fai. (File photo/Photo by Ho Wing-yin)

Suck the international loud voice and settle in the port

He also mentioned that the concert economy is the main focus of Hong Kong's culture, and suggested that concerts should not only be held in the Red Hall, but also move to outdoor places, and be led by the government, if the local government shows more sincerity and facilitates the visa application, I believe it can attract international loud voices to choose to settle in Hong Kong: "If there is no money, I believe it will be better, many Hong Kong people will bury tourists in Hong Kong to help with hotels, retail, restaurants, etc."

Regarding Chief Executive John Lee's earlier statement that Hong Kong also has its own advantages, "but it needs to be more vigorous in terms of venues", Shao Jiahui pointed out that Hong Kong also has many venues, such as the Central waterfront, Victoria Park Football Stadium, near the airport, and Kai Tak Sports Park, which I believe can attract tourists. He added that Hong Kong is surrounded by sunshine and beaches, and there are many islands, and the government should think about how to turn the islands into attractive spots for water sports to give tourists more options.

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