Real Tiger with fake Pathan

New Delhi:

You must have seen duplicates of Bollywood celebs. But today we are going to introduce you to a duplicate that you will not believe that it is a duplicate of a star. Sorry, no one calls himself a duplicate of Shah Rukh Khan, but he does not look like Shahrukh even from a distance. Yes, in terms of hairstyle, he copied correctly but nothing else matches. Now the way you are surprised to read it. Similarly, when Salman Khan met these sahibs, he could not believe his eyes.

Salman could not understand anything by looking at them and once he started speaking the dialogue, he could not stop laughing. As soon as this person got a chance to meet Salman, he started making videos. Pathan and Tiger is here... But this tech did not happen properly... Salman laughs. He tries again but Salman Bhai was not able to stop his laughter, due to which he could not do what this duplicate artist wanted but he definitely got a fun moment with Salman Khan.

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Video goes viral

There are very funny comments on this video viral on the Internet. One user wrote, "Salman sir looks absolutely real. One fan wrote, "Salman looks so cute when he laughs like this. One wrote, "Pathan, this is not fatigue. Most people were fascinated by Salman Bhai's smile.