Raghu and Rajeev become master chef judges, video goes viral

Raghu and Rajeev, who were once judges on the reality show 'Roadies', are going to join as judges in MasterChef 2. Recently, some clips of the show have surfaced on social media, in which both of them were seen taking a class of master chef contestants in their special style of roadies. This post on social media has reminded people of the old days. While some people held their foreheads after watching this video, some people were forced to laugh. Time will tell how spicy Raghu and Rajiv will be able to make the show, but the teaser has definitely created a ruckus.

Raghu and Raghav pull the sun

In this twist of MasterChef Season 2, both brothers Raghu and Raghav are seen taking the class of the show's contestant Suraj Thapa. Both of them play their roadies style rude style perfectly and praise the style of making fun of the dish made by Suraj. While internet users are surprised by his style, they do not understand how to react. In the video, Suraj explains the long name of his dish and in response, Raghu and Rajiv praise it in their own style, which seems less insulting.

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People have commented fiercely on this video of Sony Liv. More than one lakh people have liked it so far. Some people have pointed out the similarities in an earlier episode of the key & yellow show and Raghu and Rajeev's reaction, calling it a chip copy. Some people said that there is no humour in it and it is completely scripted. Due to this clip, both are being mocked on Twitter too. A user posted the clip with a meme that reads "Hey kehna kya chahe ho". Another user wrote, taken directly from Key & Yellow. Another user described it as a cheap copy of Key & Yellow.

https://t.co/nzUjGS5nqq Original is much better!

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People didn't like it.

Some people have criticized Raghu and Rajiv by saying that Raghu and Rajiv have no connection with cooking and their way of talking to Suraj is not respectful. One user said, "Because of such shows, I see only the real Australian Master Chef.