The NHIF budget reflects the existing legislation. There have been no reforms in the healthcare system for years. And now there will be no except for some things. This was commented by prof. Grigor Dimitrov, member of the National Health Insurance Council in the show "The Day Begins" on Nova News.

In his words, our country does not have adopted a national health strategy and this delays the reforms in the sector. He added that we have successful attempts in the digitalization of healthcare.

The NHS budget is more generous. Not because the state wants, but because in recent years people's salaries, pensions, minimum insurance income have increased. This made the NHIF budget approach 8 billion. Lv. The increase compared to last year is about 870m euros. Lv. 200 million Lv. is the increase for outpatient care. $250 million each Lv. for hospital care and medicines. This is expected in the budget framework, pointed out prof. Dimitrov.

Regarding prevention, the Fund must provide the necessary funds. In the 2024 budget. More than $1 billion has been insured. Lv. There is money to carry out good prevention. Secondly, the remuneration of the general practitioners who make the examinations is increased. We are the third party. 30% of insured persons undergo a prophylactic examination. Songwriters go for examinations, and the younger generation does not make such a review, added Prof. Stattev. Dimitrov.

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He specified that BGN 10 billion is the total budget of the health system for next year. And he predicts that about 4.5-5 billion. Lv. There will be a surcharge from patients in various forms.

Sales. Dimitrov reported an increase in the funds for oncology drugs, with 910 million allocated for this year. Lv.

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