People immersed in devotion in Nepal, singing bhajans, video goes viral

Indian culture and craft are fast becoming popular all over the world. Nowadays, people living abroad join the Indian festival with hobby and are seen enjoying Indian music and dance. Recently, Nepal's TikTok and musician Naresh Limbu has been seen singing bhajans. Hearing these bhajans, people are forced to jump on social media and are praising Indian culture.

Bhajans of Lord Ganesha and Shri Krishna at nepal festival

In the video posted on Naresh Limbu's official Instagram, Naresh Limbu is seen singing bhajans with a group. He wore a drum around his waist and recited many popular bhajans on his beats. The people with him also sang bhajans with equal reverence. The group sang jai-jai shriganesh deva and hare-hare krishna bhajans and chanted slogans. This video is from the Dasin festival celebrated on the occasion of Dussehra in Nepal. In the video, a group of young men wearing suit-boots and wearing Nepali caps on their heads are seen singing bhajans with full enthusiasm and chanting slogans of Lord Ganesha and Shri Ram.

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Indians are proud

This video posted two weeks ago has been liked by about 5.4 lakh people so far, while more than <> thousand people have commented on it. People have described it as the effect of the growing popularity of Hindu and Indian culture. One user wrote, 'What is the matter, the world has been buzzing, now Jai Shri Ram in every house'.