"HK01" earlier revealed that the plating of the electrical duct of the new building was not up to standard, the plywood was warped in many places, and the quality of the work was poor. The first phase of the redevelopment plan of Kwong Wah Hospital was completed, and the opening ceremony of the first phase of the new building was held on Tuesday (28th). The Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration, Cheuk Wing-hing, and the Director of the Medical Satellite TV, Lo Chung-mao, also attended, but the guests did not come to the lobby to answer questions from reporters after visiting the building.

On 11 November, the opening ceremony of the new building of Kwong Wah Hospital was attended by Deputy Mayor Cheuk Wing-hing, Secretary for Health Lo Chung-mao, Chairman of the Hospital Authority Fan Hung-ling, and Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital Authority, Mr Ko Pak-chan, but none of them responded to questions from reporters. (Photo by Zheng Zifeng)

In April, it was put into service one after another, and the number of emergency rooms increased by 4.2 times

The new building of Kwong Wah Hospital was commissioned in April, making it the first hospital-wide hospital under the Hospital Authority to provide 4G network services. The new building has a gross floor area of about 5,14 square metres, providing more than 5,1 beds and 200 operating theatres.

The Chairman of the Hospital Authority, Mr Fan Hung-ling, said that the new building will increase the service capacity, increase the number of emergency departments by 2.6 times, and have infection isolation areas and other supporting facilities. He pointed out that the government has earmarked $4 billion for the expansion of the hospital, and the construction of the United Hospital and Kai Tak New Emergency is in full swing, and the second phase of the expansion of Kwong Wah Hospital has also been approved.

Chief Executive John Lee made a video congratulatory speech, saying that Kwong Wah Hospital is one of the important emergency department hospitals, saving patients and saving lives. The Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration, Cheuk Wing-hing, said that Kwong Wah Hospital was a gold-lacquered signboard and did not forget to call for voting in the District Council election on December 12 during the ceremony.

There was a "Mi Pocket" on site, but no one came

After the ceremony, guests took the elevator from the back of the stage to visit the new building.


"Hong Kong 01" earlier revealed that the wiring duct plating of the new building of Kwong Wah Hospital was not up to standard, and the Hospital Authority announced the test results on the 16th and confirmed the incident, but when the Bureau first replied to reporters at the end of October, it said that both tests were qualified, and they were tested by the main contractor China State Construction and its independent experts commissioned, and were supervised and witnessed by the Hospital Authority team.

The reporter asked why the two test results were completely different and why the satisfactory results of the first response were not adopted. The HA said it could take note of the previous press release and had no further additions. The Hospital Satellite Bureau said that it had been supervising the HA's handling of the scheme and the incident, and had been in contact with the relevant bureaux/departments on the project issues, and followed up with the existing public works procedures.

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