Man makes desi geyser to heat water

Jugaad Video: No one can guess when, what will go viral on social media. Sometimes someone makes a car a helicopter, sometimes someone makes a cooler from brick. Now one such new Jugaad video is going viral, which you will not believe your eyes. By the way, new videos of jugaad go viral every day. But, now no one can imagine the jugaad that has gone viral. The winter season has arrived, so people who do not have geysers in their homes would have a lot of trouble. But a man has made a desi geyser from jugaad, so that he can heat water without geyser. Let's see how his jugaad is ...

In this video, you can see that a copper pipe has been connected to the water tap. Then it has been rotated like a spring. The rotated part of the pipe is on the gas burner, while the other part of the pipe is placed in a tub filled with water. As soon as the tap is turned on, the water is flowing through the pipe and falling into the chew. During this time, the rotated part of the pipe, which is on the gas burner, is heating up and falling directly into the tub. For this reason, some people find this jugaad effective and saving electricity.

Watch the video:

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After watching the viral video, some people are also calling it desi geyser. This geyser is made from just copper pipes, which heats the water in minutes. You also understand this whole jugaad by watching this video. The viral video has been shared on Instagram from a page called beaverart.engineer1. The video has been viewed more than 17 million times so far. People are also making a lot of comments on the video. One user wrote - Electricity is being saved, but gas is being spent. Another wrote- Put a pot better than this and heat it on the gas. What do you have to say about this video? Tell us in the comments.