From December 4 to December 29, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves through Scorpio, creating an atmosphere of mystery, sexual attraction, while many people become suspicious, jealous. Women may constantly question their husband's or partner's actions and motives in an attempt to justify their jealousy.

On the evening of December 29, Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius, which will have the best effect on the sphere of love relationships. The healing and festive energy of the sign of Sagittarius contributes to the connection and reconciliation with the partner, the restoration of long-standing relationships.

The transit of Mercury retrograde from December 13 to January 2 in the signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius brings memories to mind. People tend to delve into the depths of the human subconscious to study issues of power, fear, and sex. Unexpected encounters with old acquaintances can be mutually beneficial. People's interest in ancient events is growing, there is a desire to correct the mistakes of the past.

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Vitality and faith in a bright future will grow in your family and love relationships. December is suitable for immersion in an exciting topic related to personal life. Your gut feeling won't let you down when choosing a partner if you're at a crossroads right now. If it happens that your loved one wants to take a break or leave – do not be upset, you will be able to start a new romantic relationship. People will be drawn to you, especially members of the opposite sex.


You will have to come to terms with the fact that not everything will work out quickly and as you wanted. Consider your partner's circumstances and opinion. Look for the golden mean between the dream and the current situation! Dissatisfaction, whims, nitpicking, and a desire for more will inhibit the further development of romantic connections. If you were afraid to do something in the house to improve the psychological background or dare to have a frank conversation with your partner, then December is the best time for this.


Be inspired by yourself and inspire your loved one to explore something like this. December will bring a really interesting experience and new emotions. So that life does not throw up unpleasant surprises, it is better to take matters into your own hands and find out everything that worries you in personal relationships in December. Thanks to a partner, you can be in the right place, at the right time. For example, you can miss a good opportunity if you miss an event or meeting when offended.


It's a great month to transform relationships and take them to the next level. Don't miss the opportunity to get closer to your loved one. Together you can comprehend the deepest, the most secret, the most intimate. Partners from the past can remind about themselves, an autopsy of unpleasant information is possible. The nature of communication in the field of personal relations changes, the way of thinking becomes different, which is a positive factor and contributes to the harmonization of relationships.


Be mindful of the little things when interacting with a romantic partner. There is a great risk of missing something important and, as a result, this can lead to completely stupid mistakes. Circumstances force you to look for a second bottom and hidden meanings, give rise to distrust and gloomy thoughts, but it is important to make an effort and not plunge into negativity. Adventures and romantic trips will have the most favorable effect on relationships. December is suitable for frank conversations with your loved one.


Try to properly distribute your forces with real opportunities. Don't promise your loved one more than you can do. And then, internally and externally, you will be harmonious and satisfied, which means that your partner or family members will also be in a good mood. The month is favorable for romance — take it into account if feelings have begun to fade in your relationship. Before the New Year holidays, invite your significant other on a date or have a candlelit dinner.


Your partner may surprise you unpleasantly. His emotional statements will hide inner dissatisfaction and self-doubt. Treat this with understanding and do not aggravate the situation. In December, you can fix what interfered and irritated in love or family relationships. Do not keep silent about what worries you, look for solutions and ways out of the current situations. Use your imagination and creativity in your intimate life.


Power, physical stamina, ability to manipulate, mastery of the audience, heightened intuition, and vivid emotions attract the attention of the opposite sex to you. If your goal for December is to win the attention of a person you like, then this is the best time to achieve this, just act not openly, but in cunning ways. Venus, moving in your sign, can bring to the fore the problems of relationships, but also gives great power to overcome them.


Your desires are fulfilled, everything suits you in family relationships. Those who are in search will be able to change something in their personal lives in December, to find their ideal partner. In communication with members of the opposite sex, there will be more optimism and openness, but at the same time, confidence in one's rightness and reluctance to notice details will increase. If you're more mindful of your surroundings, you may find that someone is interested in you for more than just a friend or co-worker.


Excessive love of freedom creates difficulties with a romantic partner. The accumulated resentments spill out, which can lead to conflicts, up to and including separation. Single Capricorns have a chance to renew love relationships if they take a step forward. December is favorable for business relationships with the opposite sex, some of which can develop into an office romance. If you're married, think about what a new love affair might lead to.


In the love sphere, surprises of a different nature await you. High spirits and excessive optimism will not allow you to assess the real state of affairs in the romantic sphere. To make December calm, try to negotiate and learn to coordinate your actions with your loved one. If you are going to an event, do not set high expectations so as not to be disappointed. Spend as much time as possible with your family – and you will be happy!


Rivals and rivals become more active, however, luck accompanies you in all matters. Show your best side, behave with dignity and do not react to provocations. It's a good time to make joint plans, discuss future relationships. The second half of December promises to be passionate – take advantage of and build a relationship with a romantic partner. Married couples have a chance to transform long-established relationships and breathe life into them.