The findings at Pirogov Hospital, made by the Internal Audit at the Ministry of Health (MH), must be confirmed by an external audit. This was told to BTA by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Health prof. Kostadin Angelov was born on June 7, 1977. He graduated from the Medical University in Sofia in 2004.

Earlier today, the Minister of Health prof. Hristo HinkovProf. Hristo Hinkov was born on March 25, 1953 in Sofia. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister of Science, said that there was an audit that found financial violations committed in Pirogov and handed over the report to the Prime Minister Acad. Nikolay Denkov and prof. Angelov.

In response to a question whether he questioned the findings of "Internal Audit" prof. Angelov said that there are always doubts because "I have seen many audits of the Ministry of Health that are not proven by inspection bodies such as PFIA and the National Audit Office." How does he explain this discrepancy in the findings prof. Angelov replied that "Internal Audit" is subordinate to the Minister of Health. Prof. Angelov recalled an audit carried out at Alexandrovska Hospital some time ago, in which it was pointed out that the hospital was in poor financial condition and abuses had been committed, but the Public Financial Inspection Agency had subsequently carried out three audits and none had been found malpractice, violations of the law or "dismemberment of the hospital".

The findings in "Pirogov" are subject to verification by an external audit and I categorically cannot agree that on the basis of these findings the director of the hospital should be replaced, said Prof. Stattev. Angelov. According to him, today a signal was received from the director of "Pirogov", claiming that pressure is being exerted on him.

In what is happening at the moment, I see political appetites for the post of the director of "Pirogov", added prof. Angelov. In response to a question from whom are these appetites, prof. Angelov said: "I will stop here because we will definitely not allow political motives to change one or another hospital director or director of a state institution if we believe that he is coping. At the moment, to shake "Pirogov" is absurd." According to him, there is currently no evidence that the director of the hospital is not coping.

Asked whether a change of leadership would improve the financial situation of a medical institution, prof. Angelov replied that in the management of a medical institution there are factors that are subjective, that depend on the director, and objective, that do not depend on the director.

Minister Hinkov: Audit shows financial violations in "Pirogov"

The state has already taken action with regard to regional and municipal hospitals, and we are currently consulting on the creation of a normative act to regulate strategic medical institutions on the territory of the country, for which the state should have special treatment, said Angelov. When asked if "Pirogov" is among them, prof. Angelov said he would suggest that "Pirogov" be part of them.

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