Girls dance to Khesari Lal's song in a moving train

For some time now, the trend of people dancing on metro trains, railway platforms and other public places has increased rapidly. Despite facing criticism online and repeated reminders from authorities, content creators are not stopping. One such video has resurfaced on the internet in which a young woman is dancing to a popular Bhojpuri song inside a crowded train coach.

The woman has been identified as Jaya Jerry, a popular dancer and content creator with over 1.7 lakh followers. In the video, she is seen wearing a grey top and black jeans and is seen confidently dancing to Khesari Lal Yadav's song 'Saaz Ke Sanvar Ke' inside the train compartment. At the end of the video, his friend is also seen joining him in the dance and both of them do the hook step of the song together. Meanwhile, two people are seen sleeping on the aisle seats of the train.

He captioned the video, "Bhojpuri lovers, tell me what it was like."

Watch the video:

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Since being shared, the video has garnered over 1.7 lakh likes and over 7 million views so far. Internet users are giving their reactions in the comment section to express different reactions to the video. While some praised his confidence, some questioned the location where he has shot the reel. Many termed such activities as "nuisance" and asked the Indian Railways to take action against them. One user wrote, "Railways should take action against this."

Jerry is part of a popular dance group, Bomb Fire Crew, which finished runner-up in season 9 of India's Got Talent. Her Instagram page is filled with energetic dance videos at various places.

Earlier, another Instagram influencer named Saheli Rudra had posted a video of her dancing in a local train to the same Bhojpuri song. The video received similar reactions on social media.