They say that the Princess of Wales has a kind of tradition before Christmas. There is a tradition in the royal family of opening gifts on Christmas Eve, and it should be some kind of humorous gift, not very expensive and necessarily funny. For such gifts, the princess goes to The Range store. It is a well-known discount store known for its unique gifts that you will not find anywhere else.

One of the visitors once met Kate there with her children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Katherine was strict and did not make concessions when her children were capricious and demanded to buy all sorts of little things. It was a long time ago, back in 2018, when George and Charlotte were still young. "Charlotte was then fussy and sat on the floor, and her mother said to her, 'Get up, little doll.' And George was interested in some kind of 'dinosaur slime', but it was not on the shopping list, and Kate did not respond to her son's whim," the woman recalls.

The Princess of Wales with her family at a Christmas concert at Westminster Abbey / Photo: Associated Press

There is an interesting story about gifts in the royal family. In 2015, Prince Harry presented his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, with a shower cap with the inscription: "Ain't life b***h". And Kate and William gave Harry the "Grow Up Your Own Girlfriend" set that year, as if hinting that it was time for him to find a mate. A year later, Harry met Meghan Markle. Who would have known that this meeting would radically change the life of the prince and he would be at enmity with members of the royal family.