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(CNN Español) -- Medellín is preparing to welcome Karol G with its Mañana Será Bonito Fest, on Friday, December 1 and Saturday, December 2 at the Anastasio Girardot Stadium.

"The magic of Mañana será bonito is finally coming to my house," the singer announces in a promotional video, in which she also says that she is dressing every corner of the city so that the energy is felt "everywhere". Since announcing both dates, his fans have gone to great lengths to get tickets, although not always successfully.

However, the singer has found a way to revolutionize the city: "We found a way to make it easier for those who can't see it, even for those who have to cross a river in Antioquia to go to school or to go to work... all those people are going to see Karol G's concert, and it's going to be very special what we're going to do," promised the Colombian in an official video shared on her Instagram account.

This Monday, Karol G finally announced that "no one at home is going to be left without being part of this party," since they will broadcast the show on December 2 live and direct through giant screens in the main parks of 23 municipalities of Antioquia.

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Where will those screens be located?

One by one, the 23 places where you can enjoy Karol G's show live:


In Urabá: Apartado, Arboletes

In Bajo Cauca: Caucasia, El Bagre

In Magdalena Medio: Puerto Berrío

In the North: Santa Rosa de Osos, San Pedro de los Milagros

In the East: Ríonegro, La Ceja, Sonsón, Marinilla, La Unión

In the Northeast: San Roque, Vegachí

In the West: Santa Fé de Antioch

In Valle de Aburrá: Bello, Barbosa, La Estrella, Caldas, Envigado

In the Southwest: Urrao, Jardín, Ciudad Bolívar.

The map with the locations from where you can enjoy the Mañana Será Bonito Fest, by Karol G.

In the post on Instagram, the singer recalls that the broadcast will be free and that "it is a closed broadcast, which means that it can only be seen through a screen that will be in the locations described."

"La Bichota," as she is also known among her fans, announced in October that she would begin a tour of Latin America called Mañana Será Bonito, in which she would visit a dozen countries in the region. In addition, he promised to reach Europe soon.

Her first stop will be in Medellín, "her home", as she calls it, and then several cities in Mexico will arrive, a tour of Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

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