Next Digital founder Jimmy Lai, who was allowed to be represented by British Queen's Counsel Timothy Wynn Owen (also known as Tim Owen) in the case of conspiracy to collude with foreign forces, was later explained by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, saying that the issue should first obtain a certificate from the Chief Executive. The National Security Committee assessed that Tim Owen had hired Lai, and that it was a national security risk, and recommended that the Immigration Department refuse to grant the visa. Lai applied for judicial review, alleging that the National Security Committee had overstepped its authority and was defeated in the case. He had earlier lodged an appeal on the matter, and according to the Judiciary's website, the case was scheduled for trial on April 4 next year, which is expected to take one day.

The applicant was Jimmy Lai and the Respondent was the Secretary for Justice, the Committee for Safeguarding National Security of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Director of Immigration.

In May this year, the Hon Chief Justice Poon Siu-chu ruled against Jimmy Lai, refusing to grant leave for judicial review, and pointed out that the National Security Law does not confer on the Hong Kong courts any jurisdiction over the work of the National Security Committee, and that the decisions of the National Security Committee are not subject to judicial review. Mr. Pan also believes that the actions of the Sub-NSC are not ultra vires.

Case No.: CACV166/2023

Jimmy Lai wanted to hire Tim Owen to explain the law and review the process. (See the picture below for details)


Tim Owen was scheduled to host a lecture on Friday HKU announced the cancellation of Jimmy Lai's review of Tim Owen's visa refusal due to "unforeseen circumstances" The official pointed out that he should know that there was no chance of winning and asked Lai to pay the legal costs, pointing out that the National Security Committee refused to issue a visa to Tim Owen and exceeded his authority Jimmy Lai's application for permission to apply for review The court ruled against Jimmy Lai in the case | The hearing of Lai's application was terminated The allegator prevented him from hiring Tim Owen was persecuting Jimmy Lai and wanted to hire Tim Owen The National Security Committee was suspected of exceeding its authority to apply for a review permit The official ruled within 1 month