As long as you work hard, there will always be a day out. "Is it really McDonald's I?" This sentence is deeply rooted in Zhao Zhiquan's mind. About 20 years ago, he joined McDonald's as a shop clerk and worked his way up to the position of restaurant general manager after 20 years of hard work, and completed the "Professional Diploma in Management Development" offered by McDonald's at QF Level <> for its employees, which is equivalent to a bachelor's degree. Zhao Zhiquan joked that he has become an accomplished person: "I told my children that your education should be higher than that of college students at the beginning, and you should be higher than me first."

A post-90s clerk who gave up the DSE diploma examination seized the opportunity to go upstream, and became the youngest general manager of a McDonald's branch in a few years, and finally won the recognition of his family. He is also preparing to complete the professional diploma and will have a university qualification. "If you tell the family, you won't regret it (give up DSE)."

McDonald's "Professional Diploma in Management Development" with degree qualifications 57 years old, restaurant general manager wears a square hat

When I was young, I was ridiculed by my physics teacher in the hope that the experience would change the impression of McDonald's employees

"I remember the graduation of Form 2002, and Sir told me... Is it really a McDonald's to do a lifetime? I think that's a bit derogatory." After graduating from Secondary 2021 in 7, he joined McDonald's, and with his continuous efforts, he was promoted to restaurant general manager in <> and completed the "Professional Diploma in Management Development" in July this year.

Chiu said that although he is not good at learning, McDonald's provides courses for employees that are different from other educational institutions, and some of them are practical survival skills, such as understanding the operation of refrigeration equipment and simple instrument maintenance. Because the course content is closely related to work, they are more interested in studying. He hopes it can be an example that can change the public's perception of McDonald's employees.

Although I don't know how to study, I don't know how to read, but I think that my family is a good and accomplished person. Chiu Chi-kuen, general manager of McDonald's Restaurant in Sha Kok Estate


On the day of the interview, my wife informed me that I had a zero score in the entrance examination: I had a high degree in it

After more than 20 years of struggle at McDonald's, the trajectory of Zhao's life has also been deeply changed. For example, his wife met in a manager's class, and the two began dating and committing to life, and now have a 9-year-old son. He believes that McDonald's is suitable for students to accumulate social experience, and will encourage his son to work part-time at McDonald's in the future. "My family told the children that your education should be higher than that of a college student, and you should be higher than me first."

Chiu also joked that it wasn't until the day of the interview, when his wife saw the interview information, that she learned that he had scored zero in the past exam, "Actually, my wife graduated from Form 7, but I already have a high degree in the family." He is relieved by the remarks of his physics teacher when he was a child, and believes that as long as he is willing to work hard, he will always be appreciated by his superiors.

Gave up DSE and became the youngest general manager of a McDonald's restaurant

In the same situation, Yang Wendi, who was born in the 90s, knew that he was not the material for studying, so he decisively gave up applying for the DSE Diploma of Secondary Education Examination and decided to step into the society in 2017. Although he started out as a clerk at McCafé, he seized the opportunity to move upward, and for several years, he became the youngest general manager of the restaurant, which was finally recognized by his family.

Yang Wendi was able to rise from the bottom to the management in just a few years, perhaps because he has always maintained his enthusiasm for work. Looking back on his student days, he believes that he now needs to adapt to different challenges every day, and frankly admits that he is happy to study when he returns to work. However, in order to try to manage more areas, he is also preparing to enroll in the above-mentioned Professional Diploma in Management Development.

So I didn't regret reading DSE at the beginning, but if I said it, I wouldn't regret it. Yeung Man-dick, general manager of McDonald's Restaurant in Butterfly Estate

Managing a McDonald's huge store is not easy. (File photo/Photo by Liang Pengwei)

The airborne Citygate branch encountered problems such as manpower and competition in the same district

Although the dream of a wage earner is to get a promotion and a salary increase, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. In fact, managing a restaurant as the general manager of a restaurant is not easy, and it is even more difficult to make more than 2021 subordinates feel happy at the same time. After being airlifted to the Citygate branch in Tung Chung in <>, Lam Lai Fan immediately encountered the problem of manpower shortage and competition from restaurants in the same district. How to dismantle the dilemma in a short period of time became a major challenge for her at that time.

For example, after the renovation of the Citygate branch, although the turnover continued to soar, some employees washed their faces with tears during meals every day due to the unhealthy pace of work. There are also some older part-time employees who are reluctant to greet new colleagues. At that time, the working atmosphere of the store was tense, and it was far from happy.

Two years of hard work finally got a subordinate "I love you boss"

Lin Lifen immediately decided to adjust the salary of employees and continuously hired people to reduce the pressure on the workplace; He also held regular staff meetings every month, played games to "break the ice" by lottery, and even personally wrapped rice dumplings to give to colleagues during the Dragon Boat Festival; He also encouraged his subordinates to be happy and honest and reflect problems. In the end, more than 100 subordinates were successfully gathered into a big family, and they even created a WeChat group called "Happy Group", calling each other "Sister and Little Sister".

Lim Lai Fen also won the Chief Happiness Officer Award this year, perhaps because of her efforts in the past two years, it is obvious to all that the elderly employees who were reluctant to say hello at the beginning would say "I love you boss" when they left work, which made her feel very heartwarming. She believes that when her subordinates feel happy at work, they can pass on happiness to customers.


Gain experience and be promoted to restaurant general manager to apply

McDonald's is the first restaurant company in Hong Kong to offer a QF Level 222 programme, and the first batch of <> restaurant general managers has completed the course and successfully passed the assessment. As long as you accumulate experience and are promoted to the position of restaurant general manager, you can apply to take the McDonald's "Professional Diploma in Management Development" free of charge during working hours, and obtain the same level of qualification as a bachelor's degree after the examination.

The 30-month programme focuses on the restaurant management profession and covers seven modules: Business Management, Human Resources, Restaurant Management, Department Leadership, Customer Service, Production Management and Shift. The programme is both theoretical and practical, and each module is assessed to ensure that managers are able to meet the standards after taking the programme.

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