The hairstylist assistant helped prevent the female colleague from putting ice cream in the refrigerator to accumulate grievances, and a few months later, before leaving work, he stepped on the female colleague again, and the two had another argument. When the assistant returned, a group of people waiting for the female colleague to wait and then clashed again, during which the assistant was suspected of using a knife and injuring a 17-year-old boy who had not been acquainted with the female colleague for a long time, and the teenager died from a knife wound in the chest. The assistant was charged with murder, he denied the charges, and the case began today (28th) in the High Court.

Defendant Zhang Bin, 31 years old. He was charged with the murder of Wong Chi-wai (Wong, 2019) on July 7, 6. According to the prosecution, the defendant pleaded not guilty to murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter, which was not accepted by the prosecution.


The defendant and Dai exchanged actions during the dispute

The prosecution's opening argument alleged that the defendant worked as a hairstylist in a hair salon in Yuen Long and had an argument with her female colleague Tai Chak Ning in the months prior to the incident. At about 8 p.m. on the night of the incident, the defendant stepped on Dai in the hair salon, and the two had an argument at first, and then the defendant poured water on Dai's head, and Dai slapped the defendant.

Huang and Dai had known each other for a short time

After the defendant left the development house, Tai contacted her boyfriend "Zhu Hong" and his girlfriend "Mouse" to accompany her to work at the hair salon to ensure her safety. Rat agreed, but Pig Red did not agree, but said he would call another person. The defendant then turned back and with the mediation of the owner of the hairdressing house and his wife, the defendant apologised to Tai but was not accepted. The proprietor and his wife led the defendant into the hair house, while Mouse, Wong and two other men Dai did not know arrived. The prosecution revealed that Wong and Tai had known each other for a short time at the time.

The defendant brandished a knife at Huang

Dai and the others went to the first floor of the hair salon to find the defendant, and they each went outside the hair salon. At this time, the defendant took out a sharp knife from his trouser pocket and waved it at Huang and the others. In the confusion, a man hit the defendant with a stick-like object, and the defendant repeatedly stabbed a knife into the defendant. Huang left the house but immediately fell to the ground, and passers-by called the police. Huang was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment and was pronounced dead at about 10 p.m. According to the medical examiner, Huang had more than 20 injuries to his head, chest and hands, and he died from stab wounds and cuts to the chest.

The defendant left Hong Kong for the Mainland within one hour of the incident

The defendant returned to the hair salon, changed his T-shirt and left, leaving Hong Kong for the Mainland within one hour and was arrested on the 1th of the same month. He admonished, "I'm defending myself, I have no intention of killing him."

The witness, Dai Zening, said that she had an argument with the defendant Zhang Fu over the ice cream incident, and was trampled on by Zhang again on the day of the incident. (Photo by Zhu Dixin)

Putting ice cream in the refrigerator was blocked and complained

Dai Zening confessed that she bought ice cream in March and April 2019 and intended to put it in the refrigerator of the hair salon, but the defendant stopped her and the two exchanged foul language. Dai continued to point out that the defendant stepped on her shoes on the date of the crime, and the two had an argument as a result, and the defendant opened the watering can and poured water from the water in the can on her. In addition, the prosecution showed CCTV footage in the store, and the defendant had told her, "Do you want to fight? I'll be in 3 minutes."

Case No.: HCCC306/2020

【Murder Case】Yuen Long Hair House Shampoo Boy Arrested in the Mainland Police Received Suspect Suspect and Detained for Investigation [Murder Case] After Committing Murder, Changed Clothes and Absconded to the Mainland along Lo Wu Port Police Arrested 27-Year-Old Hair House Staff [Murder Case] The Suspected Murderer in the Yuen Long Hair House Case Was Handed Over to Hong Kong in the Mainland Yesterday and Brought to Court Tomorrow