December 13 is a favorable period for making decisions on loans and financial investments, insurance and other areas related to money. During this period, many people see more perspectives and opportunities, open to new ideas and concepts. All important matters and meetings are best done before the start of the Mercury retrograde period, which begins on December 13.

In the second half of December, the secret comes to the surface, pitfalls are revealed that hinder the development of business. Disturbing thoughts and suspicions that were previously dismissed in order not to go into open conflict are now impossible to ignore. There is a tendency to generalize and switch to the next, even more ambitious idea or goal, while losing details and practical nuances.

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Planetary energies endow you with entrepreneurship and increase your craving for comfort. The money comes in installments, but regularly and by the end of the year the debt will be returned to you, and you, in turn, will be able to repay debts and pay bills. In order not to spend money on unnecessary things at the end of the month, in the first half of December, try to find time and go shopping. Take the time to find some beautiful home accessory or useful household appliances that will come in handy in the kitchen.


Mistakes in business and financial affairs become more obvious and understandable, so you can correct a lot and improve your financial situation. Don't hold on to long-standing partnerships and not very productive cooperation. It's time to put an end to it and let go of outdated business ties. By the end of the year, we may receive an interesting offer from partners from abroad. Business trips and business trips to those countries that have been visited before are also useful.


In December, business relationships are put to the test, whether you want to or not. A broad view of the world, communication with foreign partners, trips – all this will help to go beyond conservative internal frameworks and outdated beliefs. Do not succumb to the provocations of the world around you, and avoid public speaking in the second half of December. December cannot be called profitable, but all property and material issues will be resolved by the end of the month.


You'll want to shed some light on the shadow side of your business relationships, and it's a must if you want to avoid losses in early 2024. December is suitable for putting things in order in professional affairs, but it is not recommended to go to unfamiliar places and often be among people at some events. In the second half of December, internal arguments will tear you apart, haunting you for a minute. But closer to the New Year holidays, everything will get better, you will be pleased with yourself.


There is a great risk of getting involved in some dubious adventure, and then it takes a long time to settle the possible consequences. Be especially vigilant, because in the second half of December, it is easier than easier to become a victim of scammers. If we analyze everything and approach situations logically, we will be able not only to save our money, but also to multiply it. It is not very correct to deal with financial affairs in the second half of December, on the contrary, you should try to relax, not to borrow and not to borrow.


In the first half of December, the planets endow you with the ability to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time. This active, albeit slightly impulsive month is ideal for any financial manipulations: you will be able to invest profitably or, on the contrary, pay off credit obligations. The only trouble is the desire to move from one business to another without completing the first one, so it is better to postpone any long-term projects until the end of January 2024.


The accumulated tension breaks out with all sorts of sharp manifestations and neuroses. Be prepared for the fact that colleagues and partners will put spokes in the wheels and slow down your professional affairs, forcing you to overcome obstacles. Many representatives of the sign of Libra will have to take a break, revise plans or face government structures, delays and cancellations. But at the end of December, all troubles will be left behind, and comfort and peace will return to life.


Your intellectual abilities increase, making you more attractive for cooperation and mutually beneficial business relationships. December is not the time to relax, despite the pre-holiday mood. It is better to use this time efficiently by immersing yourself in new knowledge or making a hobby your profession. It is worth investing effort and money in training what you are passionate about – soon you will be able to organize a new business or take a new position at your old job.


Pay attention to the relationships with those people with whom you are connected professionally and financially. It is in these areas that you should direct your personal and creative activity. In the first half of December, it is much easier to have contacts and new acquaintances, communication will be easy and optimistic. Travel! Add more adventures. Learn foreign languages, immerse yourself in other cultures – this will help improve your financial situation in 2024.


Don't put off setting a goal for the next year until the last week of December. Think over and describe in detail now a strategy for your further development: both personal and professional. Express yourself in what you like, and it will become the basis of your financial well-being. A positive time when it's much easier to be optimistic about things that bothered you before. If you can't change the situation, you can change the way you feel about it.


Draw inspiration from other cultures and philosophies. Share your knowledge generously and teach others (especially those younger than you) what you can do. And be sure to monetize your knowledge! Don't spread yourself too thin and don't focus on an idea that's too narrow. Direct your energy to one global goal that you can realize during December and you will get a good material result. Be attentive to details and patient with criticism – this will contribute to your material abundance.


Most representatives of the Pisces sign will feel an uplift of energy, self-confidence. However, effective work requires enthusiasm and a good mood, as well as a goal and a new idea. You can count on the support of influencers. But we need to be more careful with over-ambition, self-confidence and arrogance next month. In the first half of December, you can achieve a lot, expand your sphere of influence, and start large-scale projects that will continue to develop successfully in 2024.