During the farewell, the bride was crying bitterly, people said - changed the emotion immediately.

It is natural for the new Neyveli bride to cry at the time of farewell after marriage. Such videos often appear on social media, in which the girl is seen crying bitterly while bidding farewell to her parents. In such a situation, apart from parents, siblings, relatives can also be seen getting emotional. Recently, a video related to the farewell of a similar wedding is becoming fiercely viral, in which the bride is seen crying during the farewell, but then something happens that the bride crying loudly starts laughing. Even after watching the video, you will not be able to control your laughter.

Watch the video here:

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Funny Wedding Video (Bride Viral Video)

This video has been shared on social media platform Instagram with an account named Rawat2073, whose caption reads, 'Kya farewell hai brothers, you guys must see.' In the video, the bride is seen crying at the time of farewell, but in the meantime, a woman sitting next to the bride says something like this, The bride forgets to cry and laughs.

People gave such a reaction (video of the bride's departure)

This funny video going viral has been shared 2 days ago, which has been liked by more than 3 lakh 70 thousand people so far. Users are giving different reactions to the video. Another user wrote, "Never trust crying women."