Delivery boy steals shoes kept outside house

A video is going viral on social media, in which something has been shown, which you would never have imagined till now. "I saw the betrayal of trust," said a woman in a post that has gone viral on Instagram, referring to the incident when a blinkit delivery boy, Blinkit Delivery Boy, stole shoes kept outside her house in Delhi. Captain Monica Khanna, who is a pilot, said in her Instagram post, but "the matter did not end there," she also shared CCTV footage of the incident that took place on the evening of November 23.

As can be seen in the video, the man left after placing the order, returned a few minutes later and stole a pair of shoes kept outside Monica Khanna's flat. On what happened next, Monica Khanna wrote: "Despite Blinkett's promises, the man came back at 10:00 pm without informing him. Moreover, Blinkit's grievance officer promised that my address would be kept confidential, and the delivery person would not reach my house. Now, the fear of my security being breached turns it into a frightening reality. In a city like Delhi, this late night trip without any notice increased my fear," he said.

Stating that this particular incident has "exposed the risks of hyper-local delivery", she feared that the delivery boy might return to her address again as she is now with her – something that has put her "family in constant anxiety". "The shoes she returned are no longer just shoes; They are plagued by fear and mistrust," he said, adding that security at his residence has been beefed up at his own expense.

Watch the video:

Hyperlocal Betrayal: Nov 23, 2023, 19:55 - Blinkit's delivery person stole my shoes. The nightmare continued when he returned at 10:00 PM, breaching my security. Despite assurances, my fear is now a terrifying reality. @letsblinkit, customers need answers.

— Monica Khanna (@monicaakhanna) November 25, 2023

She also had some questions for the online store company, such as she asked, "@letsblinkit, how can you assure our safety when someone returns to your workplace without checking?" What steps are you taking to prevent this from happening again? Customers want answers!"

As soon as the post went viral, people started giving their opinion in the comment section. "A suspicious person who has your home address is waiting outside your door until late at night to harass you and not know what else he is capable of, it's scary," one user said.

Another user wrote, "Shocking to say the least. Unless they give a public explanation about the incident and take countermeasures, they will not use @letsblinkit so that such things do not happen again.