Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have been in the news since the beginning

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss season 17 has entered its seventh week and the competition is intensifying to stay till the end. Celebrity couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain's relationship was a topic of discussion among the audience until their mother came on the show to guide them. Now in the latest episode, Ankita Lokhande was also seen guiding her husband Vicky.

Ankita Lokhande asks Vicky Jain to stay away from Samarth

One of the new episodes featured Vicky Jain talking to Samarth Jurel about Abhishek Kumar's personality and also mentioned that Samarth was manipulated. Samarth later told Abhishek about this. When Abhishek confronted Vicky, the three were caught in a misunderstanding. Referring to this, Ankita Lokhande was also seen explaining to her husband Vicky Jain not to be fully involved in the game.

He told Vicky Jain, "I know what you are feeling. You won't answer anything to anyone. Chintu (referring to Samarth Jurel), Pintu, Tintu, keep them away from you." Vicky agreed and said, "Yes, I understand." You won't talk to anyone this week. Sit with people you like, enjoy and don't worry about games."

Ankita further said, "If someone does not want to talk to you then do not talk to them. I am here for you and those who want to sit with you will sit with you. Who are these people? What are they talking about? They don't know anything about the game. No problem, things keep happening. I also warned you when you were talking to Samar. I remember telling you not to do this to him, he would stab you in the back and that's what happened."

Ankita further said to Vicky, "I don't like the way he (Samarth Jurel) talks to you Vicky. They are children, I know that. Apart from this, Ankita also told about what happened in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Let me tell you that in the latest weekend ka war episode, host Salman Khan put the game plan of Vicky Jain and Munawwar Faruqui in front of everyone. The superstar host slammed him for playing the game with strategy and building relationships with people to avoid nominations.

Talking about the same, Ankita told Vicky, "Both you and Munawwar were involved but you showed your mind that you are playing. She assured Vicky that her relationship with the members in the house is much stronger than Munawwar and she will stay in touch with them once she exits the show.

Ankita further said, "I understand that those who have insulted you for all the games but these people will not come to my house Vicky. If you don't bring them, I'll leave the house."