Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

New Delhi:

In the much-awaited film Animal, Ranbir Kapoor is in the role of both a son and a father of two children. Ranbir, who is busy promoting the film, shared a wish in his heart, a wish that he wants to spend all his time with his daughter Raha. Since Raha's birth on November 6, 2022, Ranbir and Alia have not missed any opportunity to spend time with daughter Raha. Both want to make good memories with Raha so that when Raha grows up, she can tell her stories and enjoy that moment as well as this moment.

Ranbir Kapoor wants to take a break from work

During a press conference in Hyderabad, Ranbir Kapoor expressed deep gratitude for the presence of daughter Raha Kapoor in his life and expressed a wish of his heart. Ranbir Kapoor expressed his desire to put a break on his career and spend all his time with his daughter Raha, despite this, he accepted the importance of pursuing his passion. "I just want to spend time with him. I want to stop working. I want to stop working. That's all I want to do but I can't do it. I also want to pursue my passion. But it is very heartening. This is the biggest joy of my life. When God takes away something, he gives you something and I am so grateful that Raha has come into our lives.

Ranbir Kapoor says he wants to be a loving husband for Alia Bhatt

The Tamasha actor was asked a question on three points, which he discussed while adding to his on-screen character.