Children go to sleep after lunch, after watching the viral video, people said - Wow what a school

Be it school, college or office... People are often seen taking a nap after lunch time. In school, if a student gets bored by mistake, then his class is bound to take place. In today's time, all kinds of activities are done in schools, after which it is natural for the child to get tired and sleep in the middle class. Due to lack of complete sleep and laziness, mental health can be badly affected. These days, a school in China is getting a lot of praise on social media, under which children can take naps (sleeping arrangements) after lunch time.

School Kids Viral Video

In fact, children are allowed to sleep after lunch time in a school in China. The special thing is that in the classroom itself, children are also given sheets and pillows to take power naps. It can be seen in the video that, when the children are comfortably lost in deep sleep, a teacher is present in the classroom. This is the reason that videos of this school are becoming fiercely viral on social media these days, seeing which people are not tired of praising the school.

Watch the video here:

In some schools in China, desks can be transformed into beds within a few minutes using a foldable mechanism, allowing children to rest during their naptime to support their mental development. 🏫🛌😴

— Wow Videos (@ViralXfun) November 23, 2023

Children sleep comfortably in the classroom (sleep in the classroom)

In this 39-second video, it can be seen how children are seen sleeping comfortably in the classroom. During this, a teacher present there is seen paying attention to them. This video has been shared by the social media platform X (X) with an account named @ViralXfun. Sharing the video, the caption reads, 'In some schools in China, desks have been given the facility to be converted into beds, so that children can sleep comfortably in nap time. This video has received more than 17 lakh views so far, while more than 1 thousand people have liked the video. Users are giving different reactions to the video. One user wrote, 'Recliners, like beds.' Another user wrote, 'This should be in the office too.'