Did you recognize the handsome boy seen in the picture?

New Delhi:

There are some actors whose skills cannot be tied to the boundaries of language. He expresses every emotion with his looks, the depth of his eyes and his expressions. Rahi completes the right thing by looking at her chocolatey looks, which female fans are unable to change the channel of such stars' films or go to the theater to see their film. This young handsome boy, who is holding a jacket in great style in the picture, is also popular from Bollywood to Tollywood industry, who became the crown of Hasina's heart after his first Hindi film.

Heartthrobes formed after marriage

This actor is R Madhavan who got his lady love as Sarita in the year 1991. At that time, R Madhavan used to be Sarita's teacher. R Madhavan used to take personality development classes in Sarita's class. Sarita was trying her luck for a job in the airline at that time. The two gradually came close to each other and got married. After about a year of marriage, R Madhavan got his first film offer. He was offered a film called Alaipayuthey. After that, he got a chance to do Hindi film 'Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein', after which the list of his female fans became quite long.

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Avoiding suspicion

His wife was also not unaware of the growing number of female fans. On the other hand, doing romantic roles with the actress was also part of his work. R. Madhavan adopted a trick to ensure that his wife never doubts this. In an interview, he informed that whenever he went on an outdoor shoot, he would take his wife along. Whenever a romantic scene had to be done, his wife would also stay on the set and she knew that whatever was happening was part of the work. It has nothing to do with emotions.