According to Sky News, the truck equipped with a forklift, weighing about 15 tons, was stolen on Saturday evening from outside a school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, using a key the boy found in a closet.

Police chased the truck after noticing that the driver had not turned on the headlights and was traveling at a speed of only 30 kilometres per hour.

But the boy did not stop driving, and remained on the run for more than an hour, during which he crashed into about 10 cars.

Ann Arbor Police said: "This was a very serious situation that could have ended in serious injuries. The incident is still under criminal investigation."

It noted that the incident did not cause any human injuries.

Police released a video showing the truck being chased as the officer urged the boy to "stop now" and warned his colleague not to stop in front of him.

The boy was eventually arrested after about an hour of the chase and taken to a juvenile detention centre.