Little girl pushes 4-year-old boy into well, video goes viral

Children often make such mistakes in sports, the result of which sometimes proves to be very bad. There will be many people who have unknowingly hurt others or themselves due to one of their mistakes in childhood. Recently, a similar video has surfaced on social media, which will blow your senses too. It can also be learned from this video that children should not be left alone and take precautions with them as far as possible. In this shocking video, a little girl is seen carrying a boy younger than her in her lap and throwing it in the well.

Watch the video here:

Little Girl Throws 4-Year-Old Boy Into A Well In China

— CCTV IDIOTS (@cctvidiots) November 27, 2023

Child thrown into well

It is being claimed that this video is from China. At the beginning of the video, it can be seen how two children are playing near the well, when the little girl takes the younger boy in her lap and then takes him to the well. After this, the girl pushes the child into the well. While falling, the child holds both the walls of the well with his hands, then the girl releases both his hands from the wall and pushes him. It can be seen in the video that the child is crying, but no one comes to help him. This video going viral on the Internet has shaken people. Although this video is old, but once again it is going viral.

The video has been viewed 14.7 million times.

This video has been shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) with an account named @cctvidiots, which has left people shocked. This video of 1 minute 37 seconds has been viewed 14.7 million times so far. The caption of the video reads, 'A little girl in China threw a 4-year-old child into a well'. Users are giving different reactions to the video. One user wrote, 'Very scary video'.