The cleaning of the streets of Sofia continues after the snow. Because of icy areas - dozens of people ended up in traumatology departments.

In the last three days, nearly 500 patients have visited it. The reason - fractures of limbs due to poledics and uncleaned streets in the capital.

Doctors are asking people not to rush and older people to restrict exits until the streets are well cleaned.

Who is to blame for Bulgaria being in a snow trap?

In addition to bruises, there are also severe cases of operated on, Pirogov says.

"Today is a busy day. Since the morning, about 150 people have passed, and the shift is not over yet and we expect more, "said Dr. Alexander Stefanov - "Pirogov".

Although cleaning company teams have been working since early in the morning, many central streets remained difficult to pass.

Not a street, but an ice rink. This is what the connection between Serdika Metro Station and St. George's Square looks like. Sunday."

The mayor of Sofia assured that all teams are mobilized.

"The main thoroughfares have been cleared well, the work on the neighborhoods is progressing a lot," Vasil Terziev said.

The clearance of inaccessible sections continues.

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