The premiere of Disney's family cartoon "Desire", which was attended by celebrities, took place in Kyiv. Among them: Elena Filonova, participant of "Bachelor-11" Rosalie Nombre, Anatoly Anatolich with his wife Yula and their children, Maxim Gordeev, Vyacheslav Solomka and others.

Maksim Gordeev and Elena Filonova

Rosalie Nombre

Vyacheslav Solomka

Maxim Gordeev

Guests of the premiere

The most striking image was chosen by Elena Filonova. She wore orange pants, a croptop of the same color with a zipper and a spicy neckline, and detachable sleeves.

Elena Filonova

Rosalie Nombre wore a white quilted coat, a black lace top, and black jeans.

Rosalie Nombre

Eula chose a black pullover and golden tight-fitting pants for her outing.

Anatoly Anatolich and Yula

About the cartoon

The animated film was directed by Chris Buck and Von Verasunthorne. And Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, Ariana DeBose and others played in it.

This is a story about a quick-witted idealist girl who made such a strong wish that a cosmic force responded to it – a small ball of boundless energy. To save their people, they confront the evil king. After all, when the will of one brave person is combined with magic, amazing things happen.