Hair care tips in winter: Jawed Habib recently told which oil you should apply in winter and how to apply it.

Hair Care Tips by Jawed Habib: Whenever a hair expert is mentioned in our country, the first name that comes up is Javed Habib, who is considered one of the best hairstylists not only in India but also in the world. They have solved hair problems of many people from celebrities. Not only this, Javed Habib often shares hair care tips on his social media account. In this episode, Jawed Habib recently told which oil you should apply in winter and how to apply it.

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Jawed Habib Hair Care Tips)

Jawed Habib has recently started a live show called Bal Bharat, in which he tells his users about hair care tips. This time he told his audience that what should we do when the hair starts looking very dry in winter? Also, how to get rid of the problem of dandruff, lifeless and dry hair in winter.

Apply Indian oil to your hair

India's oil is mustard oil. Jawed Habib explains that mustard oil should be applied in your hair during the cold. While massaging this oil, you apply only 5 minutes and shampoo the hair.

South Indians apply this oil to their hair

People who live on the South India side in India should apply coconut oil in their hair, because living near the sea brings some salt to the air, which we should use a little thick oil to remove. Javed Habib also told that oil should never be applied in the hair while sleeping at night.

Shampoo every day even in winter

If you also shy away from shampooing in winter, then stop doing so, because it is very important to keep the scalp clean in winter. In such a situation, you must do shampoo conditioner in the hair every day or one day.

What to do to avoid dandruff

In winter, there is often a problem of dandruff in the head and a thick layer of dandruff accumulates in the scalp. To avoid this, hot water should not be used to wash the head in winter. We should wash the head using luke warm or lukewarm water.

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