Hearing the girl's breakup story, people laughed and laughed, said - mosquitoes come in their dreams, want revenge

Breakup stories are often emotional and dramatic. The story of hum-tum and wo becomes the reason for the end of the relationship, but these days the story of a breakup that is going viral on social media will make you laugh. Here we are not you and him, but we are you and the mosquito. Yes, a teenage girl shared a funny story of her love and breakup on social media, which is now going viral. The girl is not afraid of the boyfriend's departure, but the fear of a mosquito.

Love story on social media

Posting on the 'Teenagers' subreddit, user @Real-Level-5779, shared her love story. Writing in her funny anecdote and Hinglis style, the 16-year-old further wrote that he would "ignore every reel sent by me", "would change the song when I played BTS" and "Virat does not care about me like Anushka." When his toxic behavior was revealed, I separated from him.

Watch the video here:

Kids on Reddit wildin ???? pic.twitter.com/Hooc1U1dS9

— Xavier Uncle (@xavierunclelite) November 22, 2023

'Mosquitoes want revenge'

The girl further told how she entered her boyfriend's 10th class and gave a loud slap. "But when I slapped him, there was a mosquito on his cheek, which died from my hand. It's been two days and I still have dreams that the mosquito family is coming together to take revenge on me and give me dengue. Go to the crowd Harshit, wish all the mosquitoes of Karol Bagh would follow you."

Funny comments coming

A screenshot of the post from an account named Xavier Uncle was shared on X, after which amazing funny comments are coming on it. One user quipped, "I am telling you that Harshit is more poisonous than Ranbir Kapoor."