Personal life is no exception: the stars know about everything that awaits a person in this area.

Who will be lucky in love this week – November 27 to December 3?


Geminis will be able to count on reconciliation with a loved one only in case of complete frankness. You should not hide anything from her, otherwise misunderstandings will constantly arise in the relationship. They will complicate communication, and later can even lead to serious quarrels, and even to separation – it is unlikely that the representatives of the sign will be satisfied with such a development of events.


The stars strongly recommend that Leos spend as much time as possible with a loved one, even if this means putting professional issues on the back burner. In this way, they will be able to eliminate the center of discontent that is brewing in the relationship: its cause is that the representatives of the sign always put their work first, and their personal life second.


New acquaintances that await the representatives of the sign at this time can play a fateful role even in the lives of those of them whose personal lives seemed to be happily arranged once and for all. However, everyone will have to answer the question of how to behave in the current situation – to change their fate abruptly, turning everything upside down, or to leave everything as it is.