Moye Moye is trending on social media.

Serbian tune 'Moye Moye' has created a buzz on social media. It started on TikTok and then the tune has captured different social media platforms. Users started making videos with excerpts from the melody of this melodic song and the trend quickly spread to Instagram reels, Facebook videos and YouTube shorts in a few days. Many such videos are covered on social media, in which this moye moye tune is heard.

People all over the world

Interestingly, 'Moye Moye' is not the actual pronunciation of the song, it is 'Moye More'. Its beautiful rhythm is very much liked by the people and is also dominating on social media. Despite the language barrier, the song has impressed audiences across the globe and crossed every boundary.

Watch the video here:

This voice is behind the song.

Officially the title of the song is 'Dazenam', the song lasts for two minutes and fifty-four seconds. The voice behind this viral sensation is that of Serbian singer-lyricist Teya Dora. The song has also been filmed on them. He collaborated with Serbian rapper Slobodan Velkovic Kobi on the lyrics of the song and Loka Jovanovic created the tune that people are liking.

So far, Deznam's music video has been viewed more than 57 million times on YouTube. Teya Dora herself has thanked people on social media for adopting her music globally.