Hong Kong Airlines (Hong Kong Airlines) has announced that in celebration of its 17th anniversary, it will launch an eight-day limited-time ticket offer from tomorrow (27th) to December 12th, providing more than 4,5 one-way tickets with fares starting from 210 yuan, and covering a total of 14 destinations in China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand, including Hong Kong Airlines' latest Kumamoto and Yonago routes. Starting from 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, HK$01 will integrate relevant information to facilitate readers to snap up flat tickets.

Hong Kong Airlines Mega Sale will open at 11am on 27 November to grab affordable tickets (Hong Kong Airlines Facebook image)

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1. There are 14 destinations in China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand

Mainland: Hangzhou, Shanghai Pudong, Chengdu Tianfu, Beijing Daxing, Nanjing, Sanya, Haikou

Japan: Tokyo, Kumamoto, Osaka, Okinawa, Yonago (in Tottori Prefecture)

South Korea: Seoul

Thailand: Bangkok

2. Start time

The sale starts at 11 a.m. on November 27 and runs for eight consecutive days until December 10.

3. Departure time

Travel period is from 11 November to early June 27.

4. Price

Minimum $210 per trip, e.g. Bangkok airfare; The rice routes, which have been suspended since 2020, are included in this discount, and the cheapest is 380 yuan. However, the above fares do not include taxes and surcharges.

Hong Kong Airlines launched a route to Yonago in Tottori Prefecture in August 2019 with a focus on in-depth tours, but later suspended flights until last month, when it announced the resumption of flights. (Hong Kong Airlines Facebook image)

5. Number of tickets purchased

Passengers can purchase tickets for up to 5 adults and 4 children in the same booking.

6. Baggage Arrangements and Taxes

This offer is only applicable to Economy Ticket, i.e. it does not include checked baggage. In addition, passengers are required to pay departure tax and airport construction fee.

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