ARUSHA; Longido. Deputy Minister of Mines Dr Steven Kiruswa, who is also a Member of Parliament for Longido State in Arusha, has refused to contribute to the construction of Mundarara Primary School, until he has detailed details of the 600 million rupees sent by Serikal to the construction of the school.

Kiruswa said after visiting the school and seeing the construction of eight classrooms, an administrative office, three laboratory rooms and toilets have not been completed and the headmaster's house has not been built, no doors and floors have not been completed and have already been spent more than 576 million shillings.

He said he had been told the remaining money in the account was only 8 million shillings and the school was not yet complete.

He said in other wards in Longido, government funds sent to the ward the same amount was sent to Mundarara Primary School, everything has been completed including applying for school registration and has been accepted by the government and in January students start school, but that is different from Mundarara School.

The Deputy Minister has said that the situation cannot contribute anything, until a special audit of the expenditure of all the money spent and answers, as the school building committee is not involved.

"I am not contributing any money here until I get the auditor's report to find out all the money spent on the construction of this school, and I can also find out why the school building committee was not involved and all the activities are being done by the Headmaster," he said.