This actress was offered the film Lagaan

New Delhi:

Rani Mukerji has been active in the film industry for many years. Rani has done thriller-cop films like Hum Tum to Mardaani. Rani has proved with every film that if there is a real queen of Bollywood, then she is she. Rani Mukerji, who has done hundreds of films, is sad to not be able to do a film with Aamir. Rani said she regrets not being a part of Aamir's film. Which is the film that Rani Mukherjee regrets not being able to do, let's tell you.

During a session at the 54th International Film Festival of India in Goa, Rani said, "I would say that there was only one film that I regret not getting and I consider myself unfortunate, that was Lagaan. There was a clash about the date and Aamir was becoming a producer with this film. Aamir had told Rani, "Rani I am shooting this film in a special way, so I want all the actors of this film to stay in this place for 6 months and not go anywhere."

Aamir wanted everyone to stay there and I had already signed a film which was about 20 days long. "Rani, I can't let you come back even after 10 or 15 days because it would be unfair to them not to let others travel," Aamir said. "I also asked other producers if they would have a problem if I quit the film because I really wanted to do their film. He is my close friend. But the producer refused to let me go. It was very sad".