The moon is in Taurus until 02:41 on November 27

The moon in this earth sign brings a certain peacefulness in life. Patience and willpower are growing. Material interests and preferences come to the fore. The moon pushes for savings and savings, makes people more stubborn and pushy, preferring more to trust themselves. A great time to solve practical issues. It is good to postpone cases that require quick reactions, quick decisions and wits. People are a bit apathetic. It is useful to engage in art – to write poems, to sing songs to draw, etc. Similar.

The throat, nose, ears, neck, larynx, trachea, thyroid are now very vulnerable. Avoid straining the vocal cords, protect the throat from cold drinks, neck from standing draught, do exercises for the neck.

Lunar calendar: lasts 13 lunar day until 16:06

The day is mysterious and mystical, in which a channel opens between the earth and the sky. From an esoteric point of view, our energy reserve is refreshed, we renew our vital forces. You may learn something previously unknown. The number 13 corresponds to the constellation Snakebearer - it is also called the constellation of magicians. The predictions received on this day can significantly change your fate. Listen to the advice others give you and you can learn something from it.

Unfavorable time for any endeavors. This lunar day gives a great chance to work on mistakes and correct them. Today, different situations of your life that you have already experienced can be repeated. If you have people in your surroundings and after communicating with them you experience bad feelings - feelings of inferiority, headaches, you begin to fall into depression, this is the perfect time to break relations with them and move on.

On this day, the processes of rejuvenation of the body are especially active. This is because the energy accumulated in the first two phases of the Moon is already so strong in our body that it begins to circulate in it in a closed circle, literally washing, purifying, renewing all organs and systems. Consume more food containing useful substances - it will be fully digested. Movement of energy can stir some deep layers of old psychological problems. Don't get excited. Treat them calmly. A bad sign in this period is to appear pains in the stomach - they indicate the incorrectness of your actions.

Sex should be active, but if you feel tired or unwell beforehand, it is better not to do anything, because it will harm your health. Lack of sexual desire on the 13th lunar day or a feeling of fatigue is a sure sign that you have exhausted all your resources and misread your powers.

Next is the 14th lunar day from 16:06h on November 26th to 16:41pm on November 27th

This is the most powerful day of the month. He often carries with him a bad mood, low self-esteem. However, you should not let these feelings overwhelm you. The best remedy against them is precisely activity, action and physical exertion.

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