After the full moon on November 27, there may be a general tense background for a few more days, but much less. The waning moon symbolizes the gradual completion of projects or ideas that were conceived in the first days after the new moon on November 13, says astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova).

It's the right time to review commitments and relationships. Long-standing contradictions with superiors or influential people are easier to resolve. A lot of news is perceived much more calmly, and communication is smooth and cordial. Even vulnerable and emotional people are less prone to mood swings, which contributes to effective teamwork.

November 28 waning moon in Gemini

The 15th lunar day lasts from the morning

The 16th lunar day begins at 16:14

The Moon in harmonious aspect with Venus awakens intuition and creative energy, bringing us something new and pleasant. An easy and auspicious day for all things. Favorable for traveling, communicating with friends and relatives. A time of sensual feminine energy, when beauty, grace and sexuality are revealed.

November 29 waning moon in Cancer from 08:57

The period of the month without a course is from 03:03 to 08:57

The 16th lunar day lasts from the morning

The 17th lunar day begins at 17:04

The Moon in harmonious aspects with Saturn and retro Jupiter brings success in business, allows you to find patrons and helpers. Promotes travel, making it happy and interesting. Appeals to official authorities are excellent. Self-control and discipline increase, the sense of duty and justice increases.

November 30 waning moon in Cancer

The 17th lunar day lasts from the morning

The 18th lunar day begins at 18:06

The Moon in harmonious aspect with retro Uranus enhances intuition and enhances extraordinary creativity. Discoveries are easy to make, there are unexpected decisions, thinking becomes non-standard. Uranus activates the desire for everything new, horizons expand. The day is favorable for group work.

December 1 Moon in Cancer, in Leo – from 18:04

The period of the month without a course is from 15:06 to 18:04

The 18th lunar day lasts from the morning

The 19th lunar day begins at 19:17

The Moon is in harmonious aspect with retro Neptune, tense aspects with Pluto and Venus. A day of creative uplift, full of energy, which must be directed in a constructive direction. Optimism, confidence, eloquence wake up, morale increases, mood improves, risk appetite increases.

December 2 waning moon in Leo

The 19th lunar day lasts from the morning

The 20th lunar day begins at 20:29

The Moon is in tension with retro Jupiter and harmonious aspects with the Sun and Mars. The day is suitable for presentations, cultural, sports and other public events. It's a good time to go to your boss and talk about increasing your pay or improving your working conditions. With a little effort, you can accomplish a lot, so it's a good idea not to miss this day.

December 3 waning moon in Leo

The 20th lunar day lasts from the morning

The 21th lunar day begins at 21:42

The Moon is in tension with retro Uranus and harmonious aspect with Venus. Love at first sight most often happens with such planetary interactions. A day of adventure, romance and life-enriching adventure. At the same time, the conflict aspect of the Moon and Uranus is manifested by increased mental instability. Negative emotions should be avoided – they can cause disaster!

December 4 Moon in Virgo from 05:52

The period of the month without a course is from 04:11 to 05:52

The 21th lunar day lasts from the morning

The 22th lunar day begins at 22:52

The Moon is in harmonious aspects with retro Jupiter and Mercury, in opposition with Saturn and in conjunction with the negative karmic point Black Moon. A day of conclusions, justice, bringing people together and moving forward. Cause-and-effect relationships work more than ever, when everyone is given for their merits and previous good deeds.

December 5 waning moon in Virgo

The 22th lunar day lasts from the morning

The Moon is in tension with Mars and the Sun, a harmonious aspect with retro Uranus. A day of spiritual and creative renewal. Frequent mood swings and inadequate emotional reactions to the surrounding reality are possible. It's not an easy time for personal relationships. A crisis can be avoided if the relationship is built on the understanding and acceptance of both of their duties and obligations.

On December 6, the waning moon is in Virgo, in Libra – from 18:34 p.m.

The period of the month without a course is from 15:50 to 18:34

The 23th lunar day begins at 00:01

The Moon is in opposition with retro Neptune and harmonious aspect with Pluto. The energy of the day is complex. It can lead to conflicts and aggression in a variety of inept behavior and conversations. A day of provocations and temptations. It is very good to get rid of everything superfluous. If you act purposefully on your own, then the power of the Moon can help to carry out the most difficult plans.

December 7 Moon in Libra

The 24th lunar day begins at 01:10

The Moon is in tension with Mercury and in harmonious aspect with Mars. It's the right time to close the door to the past so that you can soon start creating something new. The day of awakening of masculine energy, favorable for communication with the opposite sex. Feelings acquire a special depth and softness. It is good to try practices for calming the mind, concentration and meditation during this period.

December 8 Moon in Libra

The 25th lunar day begins at 02:20

The Moon is in tense aspect with Pluto, which slightly smooths out the divergent harmonic aspect with the Sun. A day of hypersensitivity, focus, and imagination. You should listen to your inner voice. Don't rush to draw conclusions and make decisions. The first half of the day is favorable, but in the evening the tension increases. Do not engage in joint activities in the afternoon.

December 9 waning moon in Scorpio from 05:32

The period of the month without a course is from 03:05 to 05:34

The 26th lunar day begins at 03:33

The Moon is conjunct Venus, opposing retro Jupiter, and harmonious aspects with Mercury and Saturn. Planetary interactions give us flexibility of thinking, sensitivity to the interlocutor, the ability to accept his opinion and find a solution that is beneficial to both parties. At this time, it is favorable to hold important negotiations. Memory improves, the energies of the day contribute to the study of new sciences or languages.

December 10 waning moon in Scorpio

The 27th lunar day begins at 04:49

The Moon in opposition to retro Uranus, on the one hand, promotes revelation and secret knowledge, complements the mind with intuition and sensitivity. But, on the other hand, it gives a tendency to give up some unfinished business and immediately take on others. The number of situations where increased mental instability manifests itself is increasing. Keep your mind sobriety and fortitude!

December 11 Moon in Scorpio, in Sagittarius – from 13:10

The period of the month without a course is from 10:57 to 13:10

The 28th lunar day begins at 06:09

The Moon is in harmonious aspects with retro Neptune and Pluto. A calm and auspicious day. You should spend it actively and in a good mood, look inside yourself. The day is favorable for all matters, especially for solving financial issues, business reorganization. It is associated with spiritual insight, awareness of goals and ways to achieve them.

December 12 waning moon in Sagittarius

The 29th lunar day begins at 07:31

The day before the new moon in Sagittarius is December 13.

The Moon conjunct Mars in Sagittarius is conducive to travel and business trips. Tension with Saturn requires subordination, it is necessary to act only in accordance with rules and regulations. Activity and cheerfulness increase, even if there are many obstacles. It is a time of activation of female energy, emotional and sensual sphere, creative energy and subconscious.