It is reported that the relevant arrangements will be announced as soon as next week, and the larger changes are expected to involve 85 "TVB Financial Sports Information Channel", it is reported that some of the financial programs of the channel will be transferred to 82 J2 channels for broadcasting, and 85 employees have received notices of dismissal or transfer, which are being revised in the final way.

TVB has not responded to any enquiries for nearly a week. The Office of the Communications Authority replied tonight (25th) that it had not received any application from TVB for the return of the channel or the change of the channel arrangement.

TVB has undergone a number of personnel changes in recent years. (File photo)

OFCA has not received any application for TVB so far

It is understood that TVB's 85 "TVB Financial and Sports Information Channel" will lay off a number of employees, involving editors, reporters, film clipping, etc., and the channel's original programs "Every Day Have a Building" and "Trading Scene" will be broadcast on J2. TVB will announce the new arrangements for five channels and operating spectrum as soon as next week.

As early as the second half of last month, there were rumors that TVB planned to lay off employees, and it was also pointed out that TVB planned to suspend 85 units, but at that time, TVB said that it had not submitted an application to the CA to increase or decrease the number of channels. The Office of the Communications Authority replied tonight that it had so far received no application from TVB for the return of the channel or the change of the channel arrangement.

In March, it was announced that it would lay off 3% of its staff and stop operating the Big Big Channel

Channel 85 is broadcasting a wide range of financial, political and sports programmes, including "Financial Insight", "Trading Scene", "Sports New World", "Reasonably", "Speak Clearly", etc., as well as live streaming sports events. In addition to TVB's self-produced programmes, the station also broadcasts the Club's Horse Races, Mark Six and Horse Run.

According to the data, TVB announced in March that it would cut 3% of its staff and improve management to save expenses, with a target of saving 5 million yuan in annual operating cash expenditure, of which the video and social platform Big Big Channel, which was established in 2, ended on May 6.

( Screenshot of Big Big Channel official website )

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In the first half of the year, the turnover expenses of 255 employees decreased by 7700 million

According to TVB's 2023 Interim Report, significant progress has been made in reducing costs since the announcement of the reduction of content production budgets and staff costs in March, with the number of full-time employees employed falling by 3.6% from the end of last year to only 6,3, and 599 people leaving the company in the first half of this year.

The report also mentioned that TVB's general and administrative expenses and content expenses incurred in the first half of this year also decreased by 6 million yuan and 400 million yuan year-on-year, a decrease of 7% and 700% respectively.

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