Tiger 3 is in front of Pathan

New Delhi:

The film did not show as much as expected from Salman Khan's 'Tiger 3'. About two weeks after the release, as soon as it earned Rs 250 crore, there was a lot of confusion. However, by earning Rs 400 crore worldwide, the film definitely gave some relief to the makers. 'Tiger 2', the last film of the 'Tiger' series, has earned more than 340 crores in the country and more than 550 crores worldwide. The film was a hit ahead of Shah Rukh Khan's 'Pathan', which grossed around 3 crores nationwide and more than 550,1 crores worldwide. Know the reasons behind Salman Khan's film...

Why 'Tiger 3' was leaked

There are many reasons why 'Tiger 3' got less response at the box office. The collection of Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif's film, which reached about 150 crores in the first three days, fell sharply before the first weekend. According to experts, due to the weak storyline, the audience did not give the film as good a response as expected. Not only the film but its music was also not well liked. Its weak screenplay and Pakistani angle also did not go down well with the audience.

How much response did 'Tiger 3' get?

'Tiger 3' was released on Diwali, which did not benefit the makers much. The film, released on Sunday, did not get much response due to the festival on the first day, but its response on the next day was amazing. Experts believe that if the film was released on Dhanteras, its earnings could have increased even more. The film got two days less than the release on Diwali. The weak content of the film was not liked by the audience. This is the reason that the film was rejected outright after the weekend. However, on the opening weekend, Salman Khan's fans saw its craze and they reached the theaters.