At about 25 noon today (12th), when a mountain traveler visited the military ruins in the area of Lei Yue Mun Resort, he found a long-haired corpse lying prone on the ground in a staircase near Shau Kei Wan Tung Kin Road, surrounded by insects. After the police arrived at the scene to investigate, it was confirmed that it was a 14-year-old woman surnamed Zhou, who had disappeared since the 74th of this month, and no suicide note was seized at the scene, and the cause of Zhou's death was to be determined after an autopsy. It is understood that Mrs. Zhou had a record of emotional illness before her death, and there were cuts on her body's hands, and there was a knife about 15 cm long next to her.

In a staircase on Tung Kin Road in Shau Kei Wan near the back hill of Lei Yue Mun Resort, when Mr. Hiker Ng visited the military site, he found a long-haired corpse lying prone on the ground, surrounded by insects. (Photo by Weng Yuhui)

Mr. Ng Ng, a hiker, went to the area of Lei Yue Mun Resort today (25th) to see the gully and some military sites. When he was descending from the mountain, he walked to a staircase near Shau Kei Wan Tung Kin Road, and found a female corpse lying prone on the ground: "There are already a lot of insects around her body, and I am almost sure that she will die, so I will not be depressed and bury it to the police." He described the body as long-haired, presumably a female corpse, with an umbrella left nearby.

He said he was frightened when he found the body and has calmed down somewhat. After receiving the report, the police cordoned off the scene and sent a missing persons team to the scene to investigate.


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