MTWARA: The region of Mtwara has been named as one of the regions that contribute the most to sexual violence against girls and the associated practice of the practice of jando and squatting.

Speaking today in the region of Mtwara at the launch of the 16-day anti-sexual violence commemoration in the Morogoro Region, the NGO representative in the region, Baltazar Komba, said they are continuing to develop plans and projects that provide priorities to empower traditional actors including makungwi and mangariba.

The launch took place on November 25, 2023 in the Mtwara Mikindani Municipality, where the culmination will take place on December 10 in Masasi district of the region.

The campaign organized by the organizations under the Mtwangonet network in collaboration with the regional community development office with the slogan, 'Invest in Preventing Sexual Violence'

"Mtwara is one of the regions that practices the traditions of jando and unyango as part of the traditions and cultures that identify the cultures of these regions and these traditions are important platforms for cultures against the building of youth towards adulthood," Komba said.

"There they are taught a lot of things to build in the period leading up to adolescence, traditions that are mentioned several times in academic research, academic conferences and even the views of various stakeholders of the field to have indicators of the contribution of girls and boys to early sex, early pregnancy and child marriage."