According to the police that 88 cases of HOUNAX-related scams have been received, with 131 victims, aged between 19 and 78, with a single loss of up to $413.1 million and a total amount of $1 million.

HOUNAX CLAIMED TO BE WORKING WITH A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, BUT IT WAS IN FACT FICTITIOUS, SO IT WAS LISTED AS A SUSPICIOUS WEBSITE. Whenever the victim wants to redeem the funds, the so-called investment platform manager will refuse under different pretexts, or instruct the victim to pay a high handling fee, and finally the victim will not be able to get the funds back, and the so-called investment platform manager or customer service will disappear without a trace, and the victim will be kicked out of the group.

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The police held a press conference today (25th) to brief on the recently active HOUNAX investment fraud case (photo by Lin Zefeng)

HOUNAX has been active since the beginning of this year.

The police held a press conference today (25th) to brief the recently active HOUNAX investment scam case and remind the public to be cautious of suspicious investment platforms. Superintendent Chan Wai-kee of the Intelligence and Support Unit of the Commercial Crime Bureau said that HOUNAX has been active since the beginning of this year, and the website is still active today, mainly targeting Hong Kong people, using traditional Chinese characters and area code +852. Chan also pointed out that HOUNAX has been shown as red and high risk in the police's anti-deception program "Scameter", and the SFC has included HOUNAX in the list of "unlicensed companies and suspicious websites" on November 11.

HOUNAX has been shown as red and high-risk in the police anti-deception program "Anti-deception Scameter" (Photo by Lin Zefeng)

Chief Inspector Kwa Wing-yan of the Intelligence Unit of the Commercial Crime Bureau pointed out that at the beginning, HOUNAX fraudsters would pretend to be investment experts and contact victims through different social media platforms to share so-called investment tips and insights with the victims.

Mr Or also pointed out that when the victim wanted to top up the HOUNAX account, the fraudsters would instruct the victim to transfer the capital to some third-party account via FPS or local bank transfer. In order to gain the victim's trust, the fraudsters will create false transaction records and returns in the victims' online investment accounts, and the victims will see that their assets have increased in the HOUNAX process, but in fact they are just meaningless fictitious figures, and their principal has been transferred to other accounts by the fraudsters when they transferred to the third party account. When the victim wants to get back the assets, the so-called investment platform manager will refuse through different excuses, or ask the victim to pay a handling fee of 20%-80%, and finally the victim cannot get the funds back, the so-called investment platform manager will also disappear without a trace, and the victim will even be kicked out of the group before learning that he has been deceived.

For example, HOUNAX falsely claimed to be in compliance with the relevant regulations of an international anti-money laundering organization, requiring victims to pay 80% of the investment amount in the asset account as a verification fee before they could withdraw funds. For example, if there is 10,8 USDT in the asset account, the victim must first pay <>,<> USDT equivalent to HKD as a verification fee. However, even if the victim pays the so-called verification fee, they will not be able to get the funds back.

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(Photo by Lin Zefeng)

(Photo by Lin Zefeng)

The biggest single loss was a 48-year-old engineering manager of a construction company, who met the fraudster through social media in August this year, due to the high return on the account, he kept sending money in response to the fraudster's request, and successively deposited $8.413 million Hong Kong dollars, and then the customer service did not respond when he wanted to withdraw money, and was kicked out of the group after repeated inquiries. In another case, because he lost money in the stock market and wanted to regain his lost ground, he fell into the HOUNAX scam.

Kwa further pointed out that none of the victims had ever seen the fraudsters. The victims were defrauded by suspicious puppet accounts, and the fraudsters quickly transferred the deceptive funds to other accounts after receiving the money, which made it more difficult for the police to investigate. THE POLICE SAID THAT THEY HAD ASKED FACEBOOK TO REMOVE THE FRAUDSTER'S PAGE AND WERE WAITING FOR A REPLY. The suspicious hyperlinks were also handed over to telecommunications operators and requested that the webpages be blocked, and the police are consolidating different information, and there will be arrests in the near future.

Chan added that HOUNAX claimed that the Singapore company and that the police did not rule out cooperating with overseas agencies to investigate the case. He said that from January to September this year, the police recorded 1,9 investment fraud cases, an increase of 4331% from 2112,11 cases in the same period last year, and the number of cases reached a record high, involving a total of $28.24 billion in fraud. The Police appeal to the public not to join investment groups casually, and not to believe in words such as guaranteed profits and no risks. The Police appeal to members of the public to use the "Anti-Scam App" to enter the name or number of the suspicious platform account, the receiving account number, the telephone number, the website address and the website of the SFC, and pay attention to whether the financial company selected by the company is on the suspicious list and assess the risk immediately. You can also call the 18222-hour Anti-Scam Hotline <> for enquiries.