July 16, 2014 was the last day of life for four Palestinian children playing soccer on a beach in Gaza. Twelve other children were injured. According to the German television station DW, based on dispatches from the cable agencies DPA and EFE (https://www.dw.com>israel-closes-...), witnesses claimed that one of the missiles fired by Israeli Navy ships was aimed directly at the children and even followed them to death.

The information aroused extraordinary international condemnation. The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity, RED EDH, denounced the Israeli aggression, called for solidarity with the suffering, martyred for years, Palestinian people, and called on its members to adhere to the pronouncement to stop the genocide.

The Cuban chapter of the RED, led by Cuban intellectual Omar Gonzalez, sent the declaration to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, who immediately added his signature to that of intellectuals and politicians who repudiated the crime, after which, thousands of people in Cuba and the world, they stood in defense of Palestine. Over the past few days, more than 342,50 artists, academics, leaders and social activists, and members of organizations and institutions from more than <> countries signed the text, which repudiated the state founded on dispossession and colonial occupation and condemned the role of the United States, whose government supported--as it does today--politics. financial and military support to Israel, while at the same time there was an unusual inaction on the part of the United Nations Security Council. The RED stressed that the United States showed its usual hypocrisy and cynicism, based on pressures, threats, sanctions and interventions against the peoples who defended their sovereignty.

When Fidel signed his support for Palestine in that 2014 appeal, he did so with the coherence, indignation and deep feelings of solidarity maintained throughout his life. He invariably defended the right of peoples to resist, to insurrection against oppression. In his argument History Will Absolve Me, Fidel based it juridically on the very tradition of bourgeois law. After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, on countless occasions, both within the Non-Aligned Movement, the United Nations, and in international meetings and congresses, he raised his voice in favor of the struggle led by the extraordinary fighter Yasser Arafat and also later, when he no longer existed physically.

With his usual lucidity and political justice, Fidel recalled the Jewish holocaust during World War II, the pain, the discrimination, the barbarity suffered by the Jewish people who were victims of German Nazism, of fascism in Europe, and then pointed out that there was nothing more similar than what the Palestinian people suffered because of the criminal policies of U.S. imperialism and the powers of Western Europe in support of the colonialist state. racist, Zionist from Israel.

On August 6, 2014, Fidel published in the newspaper Granma, one of his opinion columns known as Reflections, under the title "Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza," in which he wondered how if the genocide of the Nazis against the Jews reaped the hatred of all the peoples of the earth, Israel could expect the world to be insensitive to the macabre genocide that was being committed at that time against the Palestinian people.

And although Fidel then denounced the "shameful and criminal war in the Gaza Strip, a piece of land where the population of what has been left of independent Palestine lives, until barely half a century ago" and the sponsoring and complicit stance of the U.S. empire, the latter surely did not surprise him.

On September 26, 1960, in his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations, he had stated that the enemies of disarmament and peace were: "those who want to maintain the colonies, those who want to maintain their monopolies, those who want to keep in their hands the oil of the Middle East, the natural resources of Latin America, etc. from Asia, from Africa; and that in order to defend them they need force [...] Like crows," he said, "monopolies feed on the corpses brought to us by wars."

In that historic speech of more than four hours, the Cuban revolutionary leader evidenced an incongruity such as not accepting the People's Republic of China at the UN and, on the contrary, admitting that of representatives "of Franco, of Spain [...] that regime, which was the consequence of German Nazism and Italian fascism, which seized power with the support of Hitler's cannons and planes, and Mussolini's "blackshirts..."

He claimed that the U.S. government could not be with the colonies that wanted to liberate themselves, because it was an ally of the colonizers.

"That is to say," he asserted, "they are with Franco, with the colonization of Algeria, with the colonization of the Congo, they are with the maintenance of their privileges and interests in the [Panama] Canal, with colonialism throughout the world. They are with German militarism and with Japanese militarism, with the resurgence of Japanese militarism."

And he continued: "The U.S. government forgets the millions of Jews who were murdered in the concentration camps of Europe by the Nazis who regain their influence in the German army. They forget about the French who were killed there in their heroic struggle against the occupation. They forget the American soldiers who died on the Siegfried line, in the Ruhr, or on the Rhine, or on the Asian fronts. They cannot be with the integrity and sovereignty of the peoples. Because they need to curtail the sovereignty of the peoples in order to maintain their military bases [...]".

Fidel's proposals spoke of the oblivion of the suffering of the Jewish people and the betrayal of the very American soldiers who fought against fascism by the United States. This explains the current policy of the government of that country, in its support for Israel against the Palestinian people. Fidel preluded: "I think that a new and repugnant form of fascism is emerging with remarkable force at this moment in human history, in which more than 7,000,000,000 inhabitants are striving for their own survival."

The Commander linked the Palestinian situation of 2014 to the fate of humanity and the dangers that loomed, and warned: "When the Great Patriotic War began, Russian citizens defended their country as Spartans; underestimating them was the worst mistake of the United States and Europe. Their closest allies, the Chinese, who, like the Russians, won their victory on the same principles, are today the most dynamic economic force on earth. [...] Twenty-six million Russians died in the defense of the Motherland against Nazism. The Chinese fighters, men and women, children of a people with a thousand-year-old culture, are people of privileged intelligence and invincible fighting spirit, and Xi Jinping is one of the strongest and most capable revolutionary leaders I have met in my life."

In his analysis, he also mentioned the emergence of a group of countries such as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in the formation of an auspicious multipolar world for the neglected and impoverished nations of the South, and the reality that, in turn, implies a transcendent change at the global level by stating that countries want yuan and not dollars to acquire goods and technologies and increase their trade.

He warned about the almost total inability of the United States to face the problems of the world and the fact that the human species was living an unprecedented stage in history and foresaw: "A collision of military planes or warships that are closely monitored or other similar events, can unleash a conflict with the use of sophisticated modern weapons that would become the last adventure of the well-known Homo sapiens."
In his work, the Cuban revolutionary leader made a historical account until he reached the situation that Palestine was experiencing in 2014. In the face of the tragedy, he wondered if it was expected to be ignored how much complicity there was on the part of the U.S. empire in the shameless massacre. A few weeks after Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014, more than 2000,<> Palestinians had been killed.

To describe the horror, Fidel quoted French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who had declared that Israel's right to security did not justify the "massacre of civilians it is perpetrating." (Just as it is repeated today in Gaza.)

Devastation after Israeli bombardment of the Bureij refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Photo: AP

In his condemnation, Fidel warned: "I think that a new and repugnant form of fascism is emerging withremarkable force at this moment in history."
Long live free Palestine!

Seven years after the physical disappearance of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, and almost ten years after he published that article in Granma, the situation of the Palestinian people is truly dramatic today; It is not living through an armed conflict, it is facing the policy of extermination and scorched earth applied by the Zionist State of Israel, which in just a few weeks has caused the death of more than 5 600 children; bombed hospitals and schools; attacked ambulances; killed 3 550 unarmed women and elderly people, cut off supplies of water, food, medicine and electricity and denied passage to humanitarian aid. The Palestinian death toll exceeds 14,000, the number of wounded more than 25,000; The number of people missing under the rubble is countless. Two hundred doctors and health professionals were killed in cold blood for refusing to abandon their patients in intensive care and neonatology. More tons of bombs have been dropped on the Gaza Strip than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Israeli aggression aims to silence the voice of journalists and has already killed 60 journalists, who were working fully identified with helmets and vests.

The international situation has become even more complex since the United States and Western Europe, precisely in 2014, sponsored the establishment of a fascist regime in Ukraine that then placed NATO forces on Russia's very borders, which gave rise years later to Russia's Special Operation in defense of the populations of the Donbass and its very existence as a nation.

The BRICS group of countries has expanded to other nations in a fundamental way and the People's Republic of China, persistently slandered and attacked by the United States, is ostensibly advancing in the project that rescues the Silk Road from time.

Meanwhile, not only in the field of aggression and war, but also in that of political forces, there is a rise of the fascist ultra-right in many places, phenomena such as that of Trump in the United States, Bolsonaro in Brazil and now Milei in Argentina, corroborate Fidel's words: "a new and repugnant form of fascism is emerging with remarkable force at this moment in history."

But it is also, as he predicted when assessing the world situation as the one with the greatest possibilities, the moment of the mobilization of the peoples of the world in solidarity with Palestine: Egypt, Yemen, Bangladesh, Qatar, Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, the United States itself and Cuba. among many others.

Here in neighborhoods, towns and cities, Fidel's humanist and anti-fascist thought is alive. His multiplied voice was heard on Thursday the 23rd, on Havana's Malecón, filled with students, youth, workers, doctors, teachers, people united against Israeli barbarism and for peace and justice for Palestine. They waved on this untamed island next to the blue Caribbean for Free Palestine!
People in struggle in solidarity, the best tribute of Cubans to their Commander in Chief in history!